What Is Educational Multimedia?

13 Aug 2004 (Fri)

MY VISUAL ANSWER TO Dr C.’s question “What is educational multimedia to you?” is as follows:

Mindmap for Educational Multimedia

(Click here to see full-sized mindmap.)

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Understanding Comics

4 Aug 2004 (Wed)

comics (kom’iks) n. plural in form, used with a singular verb. 1. Justaposed pictorial and other images in deliberate sequence, intended to convey information and/or to produce an aesthetic response in the viewer.” — Scott McCloud

Scott McCloud's Understanding Comics bookSTARTED ON TWO interesting and complementary modules this semester (late July to end Oct): Training Methods & Strategies and Multimedia Development I. Thanks to a great idea by new project mate L., i’m now looking forward to working on an old subject dear to my heart with an unusual and fun perspective: a comic one!

Read a very interesting book by Scott McCloud over the last few days. As the overview on the author’s website put it, “A 215-page comic book about comics that explains the inner workings of the medium and examines many aspects of visual communication along the way. Understanding Comics was a Harvey and Eisner winner, was praised in The New York Times, Publishers Weekly and Wired, and is in over 13 languages. A favorite of interface, game and Web designers despite the fact that it doesn’t mention computers once!” Read the rest of this entry »

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Crossing The Road II

24 Jul 2004 (Sat)

Extracted from a commentary in the last issue of The Sunday Times entitled “Web feat or just show-and-tell?”:

“A BLOG, OR WEB LOG, is like a paper diary except that you compose your entries on a computer and send them up to a website. You can make a blog completely private or limit access to friends. But if you really don’t mind having your innermost thoughts read by utter strangers, then you can write a public blog that anyone can go to by typing in the correct Web addresses.

“What suprises me is that lots of bloggers (or bloggettes?) actually relish opening a window to their lives this way…. Even more unexpected is that these bloggers really let things hang out when recording their personal dramas for general consumption… So, if you know a blogger — or a journalist — be careful of what you say or do to him. Otherwise one day you may find your dirty linen washed in public without you realising it, until it is too late. Then you will know what the view is like from the other side of the window.” Read the rest of this entry »

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Yay! First Lap Done!

8 Jun 2004 (Tue)

Cheers - Microsoft Office clipartYESTERDAY, CLASSMATE L. informed us via email that the grades for the semester had been posted online. Logged into the portal and learnt with great delight that i’ve scored A’s (Excellent) for both modules.

YAY! All that hardwork over the past two months had paid off. Called project partner W. at once to give him the good news. He was in a meeting, but he also went “Yay!”

Now, with two modules down, my first lap (semester) is done. Six more modules and three more laps to go. Then, a thesis that can take about a year to complete, so i was told. A long way to go — perhaps another two and a half years. Quite a daunting prospect at times. Nevertheless, this is a GOOD beginning!

Now, an enticing four-week TESOL certificate program beckons all the way from Rome, Italy! Surely, “to go or not to go?” is not the question. Rather, it’s when, who and how!

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