LinkedIn… After 3 Days

20 Feb 2007 (Tue)

LINKEDIN CAN BE ADDICTIVE! It’s truly tempting to go on and on… :-p

Although I’ve been a LinkedIn member since August 2006, I’ve not published my LinkedIn profile to the Web NOR tried to connect with anyone there. That is, until Lunar New Year’s eve three days ago. Now that I’m running a business, professional networking has become important. Furthermore, my curiosity was piqued (again) upon reading Hinchliffe’s “Best of Web 2.0 in 2006″ article, where LinkedIn was highlighted for the “Professional Social Network” category. So, on Feb 17, I really tried connecting to people whom I know via LinkedIn.

After 3 Days of “connecting”, this is what I get on LinkedIn:

LinkedIn snapshot after 3 days

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Insight#2: Antidote for Babel Babble?

14 Feb 2007 (Wed)

“Come, let us build ourselves a city and a tower with its top in the sky, and so make a name for ourselves…” — Genesis 11:4

“OH NO! NOT ANOTHER SOCIAL NETWORK!” Don’t you get this feeling nowadays? Social networks seem to be sprouting like wild grass every week. Perhaps you even get tired looking at the numerous icons in the GoToWeb20 website (screenshot below), or simply reading the news? Are you like me, wishing that these legions of social networks (almost like towers of Babel) would simply consolidate into a few major players? OR at the very least, open up and make it possible for users to sign-in, post to, and maintain profiles easily from just one (or if desired, just a few) source?

Web 2.0

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Roundup#3: 2007 Web Predictions

14 Feb 2007 (Wed)

A summarized list of 2007 Web predictions made by Richard MacManus, Ebrahim Ezzy, Emre Sokullu, Alex Iskold and Rudy De Waele on the Read/Write Web blog:

  • Structured Data: RSS integrated into Microsoft’s new Vista OS, Yahoo Mail, Google Base. Interesting RSS services. More e-commerce and multimedia widgets expected. Google forging ahead with its own standards, largely ignoring microformats (the Web community’s open standards).
  • Enterprise: Web Office battle expected between Google and Microsoft. Small startups may be acquired by the big Internet companies. Consumerization of the enterprise IT in the form of web-based office apps and more collaborative systems.
  • Web Development: Rich Internet Apps, a continuation of the hybrid web/desktop apps theme, expected (notably Adobe Apollo and OpenLazlo). Browser-based apps extended, possibly Vector Graphics (VML/SVG) + Ajax. More Semantic Web products (E.g. RadarNetworks and Metaweb). More Amazon-like Web services (WebOS), especially from Google and Microsoft, e.g. Windows Live services vs a Google-optimized Linux.
  • Search and Online Advertising: AdSense will have competition, especially from MSN AdCenter and Yahoo. Better, more robust online ad model than CPA (CPC/PPC issues). Search 2.0 in the form of vertical search engines (e.g. Google Health) and SearchMash (e.g. search result returns not only homepage of company but also some semantic meaning).
  • Multimedia: More Internet-based TV (e.g. Brightcove, Google Vide/YouTube), more Interactive TV (e.g. Skype’s Venice Project), more IPTV with P2P (e.g. DemocracyPlayer). More virtual worlds (e.g. SecondLife, Habbo) and virtual money (e.g. Second LindeX, Microsoft points).
  • Consumer Apps: Online real estate market ramps up, disruptive business models persists, data portability needed among social networks.
  • International Web: One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) may increase the adoption of thin-client PC, web apps and Linux for the mainstream.
  • Mobile: More VoIP competitors for Skype. Online/Offline mobile technologies (e.g. Smartpox). Emerging Webphone market. More user-generated content, mobile search, mobile ads, QR codes (retail), image recognition, card swapping, download hotspots, “smart client” solutions.
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Roundup#2: Best of Web 2.0 in 2006

13 Feb 2007 (Tue)

Yes, it’s already Feb. Still, over here, utility is much more important than “the latest and the coolest”. So, here’s a handy list of the best Web 2.0 software in 2006 from Dion Hinchcliffe’s Web 2.0 blog:

  • Social Network: MySpace. Runners up: Bebo, Facebook, Vox, XuQa, MyBlogLog (Me> IMHO, MySpace seems rather sleazy. Academics, students and alumni probably would do better to join FaceBook. People keen on business networking would do better to join LinkedIn.)
  • Start Page: Netvibes; Runners up: Pageflakes, Windows Live, Goowy.
  • Social Bookmarking: StumbleUpon. Runners up: Delicious, TrailFire, Magnolia, Listible.
  • Peer Production News: Netscape. Runners up: Digg, NewsVine, Reddit.
  • Social Media Sharing: YouTube. Runners up: UnCut Video, JumpCut, Google Video, Revver. (Me> What about Eyespot? Like the remix feature there.)
  • Online Storage: Amazon’s S3 with JungleDisk. Runners up: OmniDrive, iBackup, AllMyData.
  • Office 2.0 Suite: Zoho Office Suite. Runners Up: ThinkFree, Ajax13, Google Docs & Spreadsheets, Foldera. (Me> Just give me everything on the same platform as far as possible. Right now, looks like I can find most essential services on Google. Looking forward to Zoho Notebook though.)
  • Honorable Mention: BlogFilers: TechMeme, Social Music: Pandora, Professional Social Network: LinkedIn, Consumer Generated Advertising: The Chevy Apprentice campaign, Online File Conversion: Zamzar (MS Office docs, images, audio, video, etc), Web Application Stack: Ruby on Rails, Mashup Tool: DataMashups
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