Debunking Social Media Myths

30 Jun 2009 (Tue)

“…SOCIAL MEDIA IS FREE, until the community manager headcount came in.” – Brian Wallace of Blackberry

David Armano observed in his blog at Harvard Business Today “a fundamental truth to social media that many organizations underestimate — being social means having real live people who actively participate in your initiatives.  It’s difficult to automate and a challenge to scale, but it can also help move your business forward in ways that produce leveraged outcomes such as new/better products or services.”

He also noted that seeding, feeding, and weeding all take place after any social initiative has been launched:

  • Seeding. Investing to grow your effort into a healthy ecosystem that can produce data, insights or even new ideas. People will be required in order to do this.
  • Feeding. Feeding the media with a steady stream of content. Some of this can be automated… but there has to be some editorial judgment made for every piece of content and functionality. People are required for that.
  • Weeding. A productive social business design will require efforts to prune and weed out material that can inhibit its growth (just like a garden). In some cases, automated moderation services can do this–but in others people will be required to ensure that interactions are productive..
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13 reasons your Facebook account will be disabled

4 Jun 2009 (Thu)

ACCORDING TO THOR MULLER, there are 13 things that (supposedly) will get you kicked off Facebook (thanks, Jean :) ) :

  1. You didn’t use your real name. Facebook will find you and spit you out.
  2. You joined too many groups. (The maximum limit is 200 groups per user.)
  3. You posted too many messages on a wall or in a group. E.g. Guy Kawasaki had his account disabled–in his case for “excessive evangelism.”
  4. You posted in too many groups, too many user’s walls. (That’s what spammers do, silly.)
  5. You friended too many people. (Not so long ago this was a prime cause of disabled accounts, but Facebook has instituted a maximum of 5000 friends that should protect you from yourself.)
  6. Your school/organization affiliation is doubtful.
  7. You’re poking too many people. (Beware the odd FB app that pokes on your behalf.)
  8. You advertised your app on wall posts.
  9. You used duplicate text in multiple messages.
  10. You are a cow, dog, or library.
  11. You are under 18 years old and not part of a High School group.
  12. You wrote offensive content.
  13. You scraped information off Facebook. E.g. Facebook bots disabled Robert Scoble’s account.

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How gay is Twitter vs Cognitive Daily?

21 May 2009 (Thu)

28% OF TWITTERERS ARE GAY, 5% mostly gay, 12% mostly straight and 54% straight, according to Bruce Wagner’s “Are You Gay?” twtpoll:

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Best of

1 Apr 2009 (Wed)

HAD A PLEASANT SURPRISE just now. Received this email message from the Slideshare Team:

Hi jktan,

We’ve noticed that your slideshow on SlideShare has been getting a LOT of views in the last 24 hours. Great job … you must be doing something right. ;-)

Why don’t you tweet or blog this? Use the hashtag #bestofslideshare so we can track the conversation.

-SlideShare Team

Upon checking my slideshow on this blog and on, I found that the views were 50087 views as of today! :)

On second thoughts though, to receive a message like this on 1 April… Hmmmm…. What do you think?

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