Internet Marketing: Successes or Scams?

5 Jun 2007 (Tue)

DO INTERNET MARKETERS MAKE MORE MONEY on the Internet or off the Internet? This is one of the many questions that came to mind at the end of the recent World Internet Mega Summit (WIMS 2007) at the Singapore Expo. My ex-boss, now a corporate client, had given me a complimentary ticket to the mega seminar. At the end of the four-day event on May 26-29 (Saturday to Tuesday), I was glad to have learnt a number of marketing techniques. I was also troubled by some of the things that I saw and heard.

There were 10 speakers: Brett McFall, Tom Hua, Jay Abraham, Mark Joyner, Armand Morin, David Cavanagh, Ewen Chia, Stephen Peirce, Mike Filsaime, and John Childers. Each internet marketing guru on the stage spoke persuasively of having a simple easy-to-follow system which guaranteed success. Some qualified by adding, “lots of hard work over a period of time”. Somehow though, with the possible exception of Jay Abraham and Mark Joyner, their systems all looked and sounded the same:

Basically, each guru suggested offering a freebie to lure prospects to a site and into giving their email addresses. Then the hardsell process begins in earnest: A one-time irresistible offer is made online and the specially designed website starts to sell in almost all possible ways (upsell, downsell, cross-sell, etc.) until the prospect yields to temptation and pays up. Read the rest of this entry »

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Asia Social Media projects – 2 months later

5 Jun 2007 (Tue)

ABOUT TWO MONTHS AFTER STARTING the Asia Social Media directory, map and network, the percentage of Asian visitors (excluding Singaporeans) to my site has now jumped from less than 5 % in March to almost 20%. For example, the Geo Locations for this blog in March were:

Geolocations for March 2007

And the Geo Locations for this blog in May were:

Geo Locations for May 2007

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Google buys again… FeedBurner at $100m

4 Jun 2007 (Mon)

GOOGLE HAS BOUGHT FEEDBURNER apparently for $100m, according to Techcrunch some time ago and confirmed by recent news on various sites. So far, by early June 2007 alone, Google has made at least nine acquisitions (see Wikipedia’s entry):

  • January: Xunlei, a Chinese P2P file-sharing network that allows users to download music and videos. Similar to BitTorrent?
  • February: Adscape (video game advertising) — offers advertising with plot and storyline integration, demographic and geographic targeting, and a reporting interface for marketers.”
  • March: Trendalyzer — software which converts statistics into interactive animations.
  • April:
    Tonic Systems
    — presentation and document management products expected to be a strong fit with Google Docs & Spreadsheets.
    (video conferencing software) — “e-meeting and web conferencing for effective collaboration tele-working with remote staff, customers and clients.”
    DoubleClick (online advertising) — “enables agencies, marketers and publishers to work together and profit from their digital marketing investments.”
  • May: GreenBorder Technologies (desktop enterprise security)
  • June:
    (geospatial photo-sharing service) — “Map your photos”
    FeedBurner (online RSS feed and blog-to-email) — an extensive feed and blog advertising network where publishers can promote, deliver and monetize their Web-based content, and end-users can access and manage feed-based content.

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Influential Japanese Love Twitter

1 Jun 2007 (Fri)

ACCORDING TO TWEETVOLUME, recently announced by Biz Stone, many Japanese seem to love Twitter:

The word “Japan” appears over 7000 times on Twitter, far more than many other countries.

A Japanese IT journalist confirms this in an online article in April, Twitter booms in Japan / Twitter from Skype. Nobi has been seeing more and more early adopters getting on board with Twitter. He wrote:

“I also started to see the third wave of Japanese early adopters have started using Twitter around yesterday. Seeing Orkut, Gree and mixi case, this could be the most critical group of all. Both Orkut and Gree captured some people of this group but they couldn’t keep momentum among them. This group of people are knows computers and Internet but they are not necessarily following latest trends in web technologies and services.

This is a very colorful group and includes several big and significant clusters. One big cluster is Mac-fanatics in Japan. their occupations, generations and taste varies widely but they are very well connected through some extremely popular Mac web sites. They also tend to have closer relation with media, famous people, etc. thus are somewhat influential.”

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