50 Writing Tips from School for Journalists

29 Jun 2007 (Fri)

FOUND 50 GREAT TIPS ON WRITING just now while browsing a few sites: Fried Beef’s Tech, then LifeHacker.Org, then to the archived version on Poynter Online (a publication of a school for journalists) and then to the recently posted Fifty Writing Tools: Quick List (May 2007). So, here they are, summarized and linked for quick and easy reference in the near future:

  1. Begin sentences with subjects and verbs. Make meaning early, then let weaker elements branch to the right.
  2. Order words for emphasis. Place strong words at the beginning and at the end.
  3. Activate your verbs. Strong verbs create action, save words, and reveal the players.
  4. Be passive-aggressive. Use passive verbs to showcase the “victim” of action.
  5. Watch those adverbs. They can dilute the meaning of the verb or repeat it. Use them to change the meaning of the verb.
  6. Go easy on the ‘ings’. Prefer the simple present or past. For example, “wish and hope and think and pray” is better than “wishing and hoping and thinking and praying“.
  7. Fear Not the Long Sentence. Take the reader on a journey of language and meaning.
  8. Parallel Lines – Establish a pattern, then give it a twist. Build parallel constructions, but cut across the grain.
  9. Let punctuation control pace and space. Learn the rules, but realize you have more options than you think.
  10. Cut Big, Then Small. Prune the big limbs, then shake out the dead leaves. Read the rest of this entry »
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Texan Hacker Trying To Crack My Account?

20 Jun 2007 (Wed)

SOMEONE IN TEXAS, DALLAS has been trying to hack my K2 account since 7am this morning (and s/he is still trying), according to messages from the K2 Community Forums:

K2 email messages

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Scam? Ewen Chia, Adam Wong, Both or Neither?

14 Jun 2007 (Thu)

JUST WHO’S SCAMMING? 33-year-old Ewen Chia, dubbed the #1 Affiliate Marketer at the World Internet Mega Summit last month, was featured in The Sunday Times’ Invest section (page 24) on April 29 2007: Sunday Times article on Ewen Chia

Curiously, another Internet marketer 23-year-old Adam Wong apparently listed six telltale signs on Ewen Chia’s website (in a post entitled “How to Smell a Scam” and dated August 26, 2006) as follows:

  1. Overall Bad Design
  2. Fake Clickbank Screenshots
  3. Doctored Clickbank Cheques
  4. Poor Alexa Ranking: 1,170,697
  5. Stock Photos (used to indicate the car and house that he bought with the money earned on the Internet)
  6. Teenage Web Counter
  7. No Contact Info
  8. No Opt-in box (a must for any Internet marketer) Read the rest of this entry »
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No Blogger blog in Technorati Top 100?

5 Jun 2007 (Tue)

ONE MYTH STARTED BY A “GURU” during the WIMS 2007 seminar was: Google does not index the blogs on Google Blogger! To prove this point, the speaker said he had scanned through the Top 100 blogs on Technorati and found that not a single one came from Blogger.

This is definitely NOT true. First, blogs on Google Blogger have addresses that end with blogspot.com and NOT blogger.com. Second, blogs on Google Blogger might not even have addresses that end with blogspot.com if the owner chooses to point another domain on that Blogger blog. For example, Robert Scoble pointed the Scobleizer.com domain at his Scobleizer.WordPress.com blog and his blog is listed as Scobleizer.com in Technorati (Authority: 6,232, Rank: 70) with no trace of blog host WordPress.com at all.

Here are some counter-proof: Some of the Top 100 Technorati blogs that I know for a fact are on Google Blogger are:

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