Wifi, Wifi, Everywhere

28 Feb 2008 (Thu)

LOOKING FOR WIFI HOTSPOTS IN SINGAPORE? Do you know that there’s three quick and easy ways?

1. If you have online access: Search online in the Wireless@SG – Coverage Areas section of the Infocomm123.sg portal.

Wireless@SG - Coverage Areas section of Infocomm123.sg

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Insight#5: More Good Ways to Use Twitter

19 Mar 2007 (Mon)

IT HAS BEEN A “Twittering” weekend for me.

First, read Beth Kanter’s post on Twitter for Nonprofits: Waste of Time or Potentially Useful? where she quoted Chris Brogan’s 5 Ways to Use Twitter for Good. Now, let’s see: Quick Human Answers, Conference / News Briefings (or news flash), Friendsourcing, Micro-Attention-Sharing, Direct People to Good Causes, or Staying in touch with others without being intrusive… I could use some of these.

Was finally tempted enough to check out Twitter. Still, Twitter seemed to have greater potential for meaningless distraction than meaningful connection. On first impressions, most of the twitters looked pretty random and pointless. Also, seemed to me that Twitter works somewhat like a Shoutbox, except that it has the advantage of mobility — i.e. it can be received via IM and mobile phone. Read the rest of this entry »

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Miki (Mobile Wiki)!

26 Apr 2006 (Wed)

According to Intranet Journal, SocialText has introduced Miki, a platform-independent wiki which uses a mobile Web browser and a simplified user interface to connect people to their wikis from mobile devices.Miki, a mobile wiki that uses a mobile Web browser and is platform independent.

With Miki, SocialText hopes to involve mobile professionals in real collaboration using their mobile devices, not the one- or two-word terse statements common in Blackberry usage, Mayfield (SocialText founder and CEO) said.

Early on in SocialText’s existence, one of the company’s first basic wiki products worked reasonably well on a Palm Treo device.

…Mayfield says Miki could help further the adoption of wikis because it will allow users to walk out of a meeting and keep collaborating, without dealing with the hassle of e-mail. As more and more workers find themselves using mobile devices to stay in touch, it certinaly won’t hurt.

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NLB SMS Reference Service

17 Apr 2006 (Mon)

SEND AN SMS to ask a research question and get answers within a day? We can now do this with a new SMS Reference Service trial at the National Library Board (NLB) these two months.

The SMS Reference Service, the latest initiative from NLB [was] launched during the FIND IT campaign. Customers can SMS their reference queries to the National Library by dialing 9178 7792 on their mobile phones. The SMS Reference Service is targeted at educators, designers, entreprenuers, researchers, consultants, academics and tertiary students who need to find the sources to answer their information, reference and research needs. This service adds to the suite of email, fax, phone and onsite reference services currently provided by reference librarians and gives customers the option to pose their queries from virtually anywhere and on the move.

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