Composing Music with Physics?

26 Feb 2007 (Mon)

THIS IS A REACTABLE, a multi-user electro-acoustic music instrument with a tabletop tangible user interface. Looks futuristic, tactile and based on physics laws. (Thanks to Chris Sessums’ post on this.)

According to the designers, this instrument is intended to be:

  • collaborative: several performers (locally or remotely)
  • intuitive: zero manual, zero instructions
  • sonically challenging and interesting
  • learnable and masterable, even by children
  • suitable for novice and advanced electronic music (i.e. installations and concerts)
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Zoho’s All-in-one Notebook

31 Jan 2007 (Wed)

Zoho Notebook, currently in alpha, looks amazing — just what I would want. Hope it’ll be available soon and that it’ll work as expected.

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Wiki research at ClappingTrees

6 Jan 2007 (Sat)

Hello, World. ;-) A very happy new year to you!

Today, I’m publishing online two wiki research proposals which I’d written for a Masters in Instructional Design program at the National Institute of Education, Singapore:

  • “The UTAUT and Electronic Brainstorming in a Wiki”: This proposal was written in April 2005 for “Implications of Social Psychology Theories & Research for Educators”, a module taught by Dr Angeline Khoo and Dr Lim Kam Ming. Could have worked on this as a project if not for the circumstances (long story). So, imagine my surprise upon finding a very similar project (Global Warming Student Speakout) on the Google for Educators site last October! Not sure though what the specific research questions were.
  • IT tools used to support PBL“Mediating PBL in a Wiki environment” (1): This proposal was written in April 2005 for “MID809: Designing, Conducting, and Reporting Investigations”, a module taught by Dr Chee Kit Looi and Dr Myint Swe Khine. A revised experiment was conducted in November among two classes in a polytechnic. The results were mixed. However, due to more pressing concerns at work, the writeup for the results of this project has been placed on the backburner till now.

Looking forward to your comments, suggestions, queries, etc.

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If I were Google…

1 Nov 2006 (Wed)

LATEST: Google has acquired Jotspot. Gosh! What else would it buy next? Here’s my diagrammatic overview of Google’s complete offerings in the near future — extrapolations in bold, dark blue text, and assuming that all Google services will eventually be accessible from within Google Groups:

"If I were Google..." diagram in Gliffy

Most users will never need to leave Google. What an amazing pool of spontaneously generated data this would be for researchers!

By the way, I created the diagram above using Gliffy, another exciting free tool on the Web. And yes, collaborative editing is possible. There’s versioning too. A word of caution though: Remember to save and exit from Gliffy often. It hung my system just now.

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