Why the French hates Wikis

14 Nov 2006 (Tue)

An interesting post by EE Kim, Why the French Hates Wikis External link icon (opens in new window):

At WikiSym last August, Ward Cunningham showed some regional trends External link icon (opens in new window) comparing Google searches for “wiki” and “blog.” Overall, searches for “blog” (in red) steadily outpace searches for “wiki” (in blue), although the rate of growth is about the same for both… the phenomenon is reversed in Germany External link icon (opens in new window)… [and] in Japan External link icon (opens in new window)… At WikiWednesday this past week, PeterThoeny said that he had shown similar trends for a recent Wiki talk, and that he also showed the trends in France External link icon (opens in new window)

Whoa, Nellie! Apparently, the French don’t care much for Wikis. It was a shock for me to see this, as I know several stellar French members of the Wiki community and even more French-speaking members. Any thoughts as to why this might be the case?

My guess: Japanese and Germans are on the whole very cohesive people who tend to identify closely with their communities. The French, on the other hand, are generally known to be highly individualistic. Wiki collaborations are basically “corporate” or community-based. Therefore, it’s not surprising that most French people should “hate” wikis.

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Thinkers vs. Feelers

15 Jul 2005 (Fri)

Thinker (animated)ATTENDED a Teaching, Learning & MBTI workshop two days ago. A good revision. Still same profile. But the mode of learning was fun. The workshop leader L. divided us into different ‘camps’ at certain points in time. For example, ‘Extraverts’ versus ‘Intraverts’, and ‘Thinkers’ versus ‘Feelers’. We were asked to list the strengths and weaknesses of the people in the other camps. Had a ball laughing at the positive and negative attributes. Some said thinkers are cold and merciless. Others said feelers, though compassionate and caring, can be quite illogical and unjust. Read the rest of this entry »

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