How gay is Twitter vs Cognitive Daily?

21 May 2009 (Thu)

28% OF TWITTERERS ARE GAY, 5% mostly gay, 12% mostly straight and 54% straight, according to Bruce Wagner’s “Are You Gay?” twtpoll:

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What Type is My Blog?

21 Jan 2009 (Wed)

IN NOVEMBER LAST YEAR (2008), my blog was supposed to be “ESTJ – The Guardians”:
" is ESTJ (Guardian)." - says in Nov 08

AND NOW (JANUARY 2009), my blog is supposed to be “INTJ – The Scientists”:
" is INTJ (Scientist)." - says in Nov 08

SEE ALSO: Willowspillow’s “My Alternate Personality“.

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Generation “We” for Singapore Malays

29 Nov 2008 (Sat)

ARE YOU MALAY, a Millennial (born between 1978 and 2000), and a New Media expert, entrepreneur, innovator, researcher, practitioner or student? Why not join this new media group for Singapore Malays set up by Hazman Aziz?

The group exists as a platform for discussion, advocacy and action to uplift, improve, and perhaps solve Singapore Malay issues using New Media.

For more details on Millennials (a.k.a Generation “We”), check out this thought-provoking American video:

It’s interesting to see how problems (in this case, various crises in the USA such as the 9/11 incident, Hurricane Katrina and the recent subprime financial crisis) can be effective triggers for deeper learning and a firmer resolve to unite and to collaborate among the young. It would be even more interesting to see if a Generation “We” New Media group could be set up across race and religions in Asia, and NOT just for Malays in Singapore. Hey, Hazman, would you be game to do this?

An extract from Sarah Burris’ blog:

GenWe was Greenberg’s project to help the Millennial Generation empower itself against much scrutiny. The book also makes the case that Millennials are:

  • Dedicated to improving the common good over individual gain, a sentiment that crosses all racial, ideological and partisan lines.
  • Reject fundamental principles of modern conservatism – primary focus on individual rights and trickle down economics.
  • Welcome innovation and are eager to establish a new paradigm.
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An anthropological introduction to YouTube

30 Sep 2008 (Tue)

WHAT IMPACT DO YOUTUBE and other social media have on human behavior today? Check out this 55-min video presentation at the Library of Congress, June 23rd 2008, produced by Dr Michael Wesch and his anthropology students.  More info at

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