Insight#1: To ‘Open’ or Not to ‘Open’?

12 Jan 2007 (Fri)

“The advances in all of the arts and sciences, indeed the sum total of human knowledge, are the result of the open sharing of ideas, theories, studies and research.” – Terry Vessels

Open Source logoFOR A LONG TIME, I’ve believed in the free culture espoused by Lawrence Lessig and the open sharing of ideas, theories, studies, research advocated by Terry Vessels (above). I’ve therefore downloaded and consumed (installed, used, read, watched, listened…) lots of free software, ebooks, video, podcasts, news reports, in-depth analyses, research studies, etc. on the Internet over the past few years.

Recently, however, I’m beginning to ask myself, “Do I really believe in free culture and free exchange of ideas? Have I’ve been more the taker than the giver?” Granted that I’m normally a frank and open person. Yes, my work has been almost invariably very demanding. And yes, I’ve been blogging from time to time, sharing new things that I’ve learnt. Still, there were times when I’ve hesitated and held back. For example, I’ve kept my research study (begun in 2005) under wraps on the Net until a few days ago. Another example, I’ve been adding lots of useful information to a wiki on a sub-domain for almost two years now. Yet so far, I have chosen not to link them from my blog. Read the rest of this entry »

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Mystery Of Moral Intelligence

30 May 2005 (Mon)

From Elearningpost, May 27, 2005:

This is interesting, but very, very counter intuitive:

“In their book Moral Intelligence (Wharton School Publishing, May 2005), Doug Lennick and Fred Kiel say there’s a correlation between moral principles and business success. The companies that perform best, they believe, have leaders with not only a strong moral compass, but also the good sense to follow it.”

Actually, I’m NOT surprised by this. Read the rest of this entry »

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