27 Things to Do Before a Conference

21 Mar 2009 (Sat)

DOES ONE NEED TO DO ANYTHING before attending a conference? Chris Brogan listed 27 Things to Do Before a Conference (thanks, Keven). Here’s a compact rewrite of the tasks in terms of the tools involved (Google, Flickr, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.):

1. Event schedule :

  • Research - Note what you want to see and get a sense of what you might ask and/or decide what the business value of your interaction at the session might be.

2. Google Blogsearch and Technorati :

  • Research - Look for event references to the event, company announcements, signs of business opportunity.

3. Google News and Google searches (in addition to 2. above) :

  • Research – Look for industry news around the event, to understand what might be impacting the people you’re mingling with.   Read the rest of this entry »
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A video guide to the Ping.sg celebration – by an absentee!

8 Jul 2007 (Sun)

THANKS TO WEB 2.0 AND CHILLYCRAPS, I managed to follow this morning much of what had happened at the Ping.sg’s first anniversary celebration at the Geek Terminal yesterday afternoon on 07/07/2007 — even though I couldn’t be there at all. ;-)

First, I read Chillycraps’ Pinging Party post and found the official recording of the live Ping.sg webcast on Ustream:

This recording, however is almost three hours long! :-p So, here’s a quick guide to this video:

  • 0:00 NTT and Rinaz warming up the camera, people streaming in, testing on stage…
  • 39:00 Award Presentation begins with MCs Brendan and Rinaz.
  • 45:00 Most Entertaining Blog: Chillycraps
  • 51:15 Most Interactive Blog: EastCoastLife
  • 58:00 Most Insightful Blog: Cobalt Paladin (entertaining video around 62:00)
  • 71:00 Best Photoblog: Keropok Man
  • 81:00 Best Blog Design: Veron
  • 88:30 Most Controversial Post: EastCoastLife
  • 97:35 Most Entertaining Post: EastCoastLife
  • 103:42 Most Insightful Post: dk99
  • 115: Best Citizen Journalist Post: dk99
  • 120:30 Post of The Year: EastCoastLife
  • 125:30 Blog Of The Year: Veron (Suddenly, there was no sound!)
  • 131:00 How Ping.sg Got Started (Haha! Uzyn used the word “Web 2.0″ to describe Ping.sg!)

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Live Coverage of Flea Mart On Ping.sg

3 May 2007 (Thu)

Ping.sg logoA WEBCAM WILL BE TRANSMITTING LIVE happenings of an upcoming flea mart at Far East Plaza from 11am to 8pm this coming Sunday (6 May), according to organizer APLink.

“Visitors to the Ping.sg website will be able to see what is going on at the fair and chat online with the stall holders and visitors to the fair… At scheduled intervals, the emcee for the BuyButtonz event will also be delivering reports live from the fair. Interviews with BuyButtonz CEO, Ping.sg and the various stall holders at the fair will also be webcasted.”

This integration is believed to be the first to connect the traditional fair format with the online world via video streaming. Usually, live events are covered by local radio and TV stations. Read the rest of this entry »

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Thanks for the Meetup, Bombe & Company

15 Apr 2007 (Sun)

LIKE TSTAR, I’M ALL TIED UP — lots of work and non-work waiting for me to do right now. So, this is just a very short post: To thank all who came for the meetup last night, to thank fellow pingster Ebie from Essential Brew for giving us two free desserts (one of which was called Bombe!) and to point all ping.sg readers to the great write-ups by Rinaz, EastCoastLife, DK and Uzyn.

Among them, I like Rinaz’s writeup the most: What a great summary and such a cute video, especially the last part where the scenes and voices were fast forwarded! And thanks for the kind words. At closeup, Rinaz looked really pretty. And she was so witty and pleasant to be with.

I’ve also enjoyed the company of the others, especially those sitting right next to me: Tstar, Ridzuan and Uzyn. It was a great meetup, and I truly look forward to the next one. :-)

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