US newspaper industry struggles for survival

9 Dec 2008 (Tue)

TROUBLING TIMES AHEAD. The Tribune Co., the second largest US newspaper publisher in terms of revenue and the third in terms of circulation, filed for bankruptcy Monday in the latest blow to the struggling newspaper industry — according to AFP, as reported on Google News.

The media giant is the owner of the Los Angeles Times, the Chicago Tribune, Baltimore Sun, Orlando Sentinel, Hartford Courant and several other papers. It also operates 23 television stations.

“…factors beyond our control have created a perfect storm — a precipitous decline in revenue and a tough economy coupled with a credit crisis that makes it extremely difficult to support our debt.”

“Like many US newspapers, the Tribune has been grappling with declining circulation, a loss of readership to online media, and a steep drop in print advertising revenue.

“The New York Times reported last week that another debt-ridden major US newspaper chain, the McClatchy Co., is seeking to sell one of its flagship newspapers, The Miami Herald.

“And the New York Times itself has not been immune to the crisis gripping the newspaper industry. The paper reported Monday that the New York Times Co. plans to borrow up to 225 million dollars against its mid-Manhattan headquarters building to ease a potential cash flow squeeze.”

September Update: See also “Dow Jones shutting down FEER” and “Journalists Losing Jobs at Three Times Rate of Average Workers“.

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Top 10 Emerging Markets to surpass Developed Markets

7 Nov 2008 (Fri)

IN 2008, the growth rates in Internet users among the top 10 emerging markets in the world (China, India, Russia, Brazil, Mexico, Turkey, Indonesia, Iran, Poland, and Saudi Arabia) will surpass those of the top 10 developed markets (U.S., Japan, Germany, U.K., France, Italy, Spain, Canada, South Korea, and Australia), said Mary Meeker, a technology research analyst from Morgan Stanley at the recent Web 2.0 Summit 08.

Top 10 Emerging Markets to surpass Top 10 Developed Markets

In particular, the growth in China is the most impressive, growing by 53% (an addition of 73,000 users) since 2007 and yet its penetration rate is only 16 percent. For the others:

  • Brazil grew by 17% (7,400) with a penetration rate of 26%. 
  • Pakistan grew by 46% (5,500) with a penetration rate of only 11%. 
  • Columbia grew by 80% (5,395) with a penetration rate of 25%. 
  • India grew by 7% (5,000) with a penetration rate of only 7%. 
  • Iran grew by 28% (5,000) with a penetration rate of 32%. 
  • Russia grew by 17% (4,311) with a penetration rate of 21%. 
  • Germany grew by 10% (3,900) with a penetration rate of 52%.
  • France grew by 12% (3,553) with a penetration rate of 55%.
  • Vietnam grew by 22% (3,188) with a penetration rate of 21%.
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How to Survive and Thrive in Business 2.0?

7 Nov 2008 (Fri)

“EVERYTHING WE DO TODAY is now significantly impacted by 2.0 ideas. This applied to product development, marketing, customer service, operations, line of business, finance, communications, human resources, and just about everything else. How then do we start understanding the axes of opportunity and being applying to our organizations?”

Over the next few weeks, Web 2.0 analyst Dion Hinchcliffe will be posting a series of articles that deeply explore a strategy for using the power of Web 2.0 ideas to move businesses into the 21st century. He’ll begin exploring each quadrant in this diagram (below, taken from Hinchcliffe’s blog), looking at how to use 2.0 to dramatically create growth, transform the customer relationship to drive revenue, drive operational costs down, improve productivity, safely restructure our business models, effect change, and leverage/harnessing innovation.
How to Survive and Thrive in Business Today with 2.0

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8 reasons to use Interviews and Case Studies

7 Nov 2008 (Fri)

FOUND A REALLY PRACTICAL MARKETING site maintained by Mr Mark Nagurski who had just posted a great comment on my post, “Technorati’s State of the Blogosphere 2008“.

Among the many useful tips is a post entitled “8 reasons why interviews will spice up your content”. The eight benefits cited are:

  1. Interviews can offer a different perspective.
  2. Interviews can demonstrate a practical implementation. 
  3. Interviews allow you borrow trust and reinforce your argument. 
  4. Interviews allow you to borrow brand recognition. 
  5. Interviews are a practical solution to your needs. 
  6. Interviews inspire you to think more too. 
  7. Interviews build contacts and make you smarter. 
  8. Interviews enhance the quality of content you deliver. 


For more details, check out his blog.

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