5 Ways we consume info in Web 2.0 world

5 Mar 2009 (Thu)

[Reposting because my blog "died" this morning and was "resurrected" this afternoon without the last two posts.]

FOUND THIS INTERESTING LINK ON a Facebook friend’s profile when I was about to post a birthday greeting to her. I agree with the author, Dan York, who wrote:

The only reason I visit a web site these days is generally if either:

  1. The website turns up in a search result.
  2. I get notified that there’s something interesting there that I should look at.
  3. Random times when for some reason I decide to go there, perhaps remembering a URL for a site I wanted to check out.

That’s it. (Note that I do get the content of many websites through the ways I mention below, but I don’t actually go to those websites and see their page.)

As I think about it, my consumption of information online really comes down to five ways:

  1. E-mail, although I get too much of it to read it all. [Me: Exactly!]
  2. Twitter, where I see links from people or services that I follow. [Me: Now, it's the FriendFeed (or NewsFeed) on Facebook.]
  3. RSS feeds where my reader pulls it in and I quickly scan through the posts.
  4. Skype persistent group chats where I’m connected to several different groups of people on various topics.
  5. Searching for data, typically using Google.

The key thing is that, with the exception of search:
All the data comes to me!

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Permission Marketing – revisited

30 Jan 2009 (Fri)

This graphic is from Godin's blog. All rights are his.NOW THAT SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING has become the in-thing, it’s useful to revisit the concept of “Permission Marketing” probably first introduced by Seth Godin in his book, “Permission Marketing: Turning Strangers Into Friends, and Friends Into Customers”.

As quoted by William Taylor in Fast Company:

The biggest problem with mass-market advertising, Godin says, is that it fights for people’s attention by interrupting them. A 30-second spot interrupts a “Seinfeld” episode. A telemarketing call interrupts a family dinner. A print ad interrupts this article. “The interruption model is extremely effective when there’s not an overflow of interruptions,” Godin says. “But there’s too much going on in our lives for us to enjoy being interrupted anymore.”

The new model, he argues, is built around permission. The challenge for marketers is to persuade consumers to volunteer attention – to “raise their hands” (one of Godin’s favorite phrases) – to agree to learn more about a company and its products. “Permission marketing turns strangers into friends and friends into loyal customers,” he says. “It’s not just about entertainment – it’s about education.”

Finally, as Seth Godin put it in his blog:

Permission marketing is the privilege (not the right) of delivering anticipated, personal and relevant messages to people who actually want to get them… Permission is like dating. You don’t start by asking for the sale at first impression. You earn the right, over time, bit by bit…

In order to get permission, you make a promise. You say, “I will do x, y and z, I hope you will give me permission by listening.” And then, this is the hard part, that’s all you do. You don’t assume you can do more. You don’t sell the list or rent the list or demand more attention. You can promise a newsletter and talk to me for years, you can promise a daily RSS feed and talk to me every three minutes, you can promise a sales pitch every day (the way Woot does). But the promise is the promise until both sides agree to change it. You don’t assume that just because you’re running for President or coming to the end of the quarter or launching a new product that you have the right to break the deal. You don’t.

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7 Things to Turn Off in Facebook

24 Jan 2009 (Sat)

DO YOU KNOW THAT the default friend feed settings on Facebook is “full on stalker mode”? Are you sick of receiving invitations, gifts, pokes, etc. from other people (especially complete strangers)? See Happy Slip’s Facebook Fever parody below:

Do you know that you can turn some (if not all) the notifications off? And that you can also change your privacy settings?

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Top 10 Enterprise Web Products of 2008

20 Jan 2009 (Tue)

ACCORDING TO READWRITEWEB.COM (RWW), the top 10 profitable (or very close to profitability today) enterprise Web products for 2008 are:

  1. Amazon Web Services (AWS): Amazon, which began as a bookseller, has generated such enthusiasm and loyalty in the developer community. Platforms will do well in 2009, though not many will. The platforms market is a race for scale, requiring massively deep pockets.
  2. Basecamp: 37Signals, maker of project collaboration app Basecamp, is the favorite start-up of a lot of people (even its competitors). Their “less is more” elegance has become the mantra of developers everywhere. The one issue? It keeps its products separate. You have to choose which one to use.
  3. Confluence (Atlassian): RWW expects to see major wiki adoption in the enterprise. Atlassian (and MindTouch below) seems a safe bet for enterprise, having traction and a good breadth of products.
  4. DimDim: In a recession, companies travel less, so they use web conferencing more. DimDim’s proposition is incredibly simple: web conferencing for less cost. The one issue? It is still a bit raw, and the company will need deep pockets to satisfy an expected growing demand.
  5. Google Apps: The move from PC-based office software to web-based “office tools” accelerated in 2008 and became increasingly mainstream. The one issue? Google’s flagship Gmail is still in beta and suffers from reliability issues, and some modules (such as for spreadsheet) still seem a bit raw compared to those of competitors. Read the rest of this entry »
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