Influential Japanese Love Twitter

1 Jun 2007 (Fri)

ACCORDING TO TWEETVOLUME, recently announced by Biz Stone, many Japanese seem to love Twitter:

The word “Japan” appears over 7000 times on Twitter, far more than many other countries.

A Japanese IT journalist confirms this in an online article in April, Twitter booms in Japan / Twitter from Skype. Nobi has been seeing more and more early adopters getting on board with Twitter. He wrote:

“I also started to see the third wave of Japanese early adopters have started using Twitter around yesterday. Seeing Orkut, Gree and mixi case, this could be the most critical group of all. Both Orkut and Gree captured some people of this group but they couldn’t keep momentum among them. This group of people are knows computers and Internet but they are not necessarily following latest trends in web technologies and services.

This is a very colorful group and includes several big and significant clusters. One big cluster is Mac-fanatics in Japan. their occupations, generations and taste varies widely but they are very well connected through some extremely popular Mac web sites. They also tend to have closer relation with media, famous people, etc. thus are somewhat influential.”

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Japanese Loves to Read Blogs?

23 Apr 2007 (Mon)

JAPANESE ARE READING BLOGS more than Americans, Koreans, British, and French, according to survey results announced by Japan’s premier international PR consultancy Edelman and reported in the Blog Herald in late March. The poll conducted by StrategyOne over 1,000 Japanese, with accompanying studies conducted in different countries, showed that:

  • In an average week, 74% of Japanese Internet users read blogs at least once a week, compared to South Korea (43%), the UK (23%), France (22%) and the USA (27%).
  • Respondents claim to have taken part in at least three (3) of the activities listed ‘Influencers’, fewer of this group (29%) were likely to do so as a result of reading a blog in Japan, compared to similar groups in other countries with 4 in 10 (41%) of Influencers interviewed in South Korea, UK (48%) and the US (49%), taking action after reading a blog.
  • Less than 1 in 5 (18%) of Japanese have taken some sort of public affairs action as a result of reading a blog. 18% have signed a petition (18%), 9% by attending a public meeting.

Robert Pickard, President of Edelman, North Asia says, “However, our recent Edelman Trust Barometer research shows that Japanese are more likely than people in other countries to punish companies they don’t trust by taking personal actions against them, so it’s just a matter of time for this tendency – amplified by blogs – to assert itself in the marketplace and at election time.”

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  • Which are the Top 10 blogs in/on Japan? Check out the Asia Social Media Directory’s Japan page.
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