Simpsons Video: Why We Should Google Ourselves

10 Aug 2007 (Fri)

MARGE SIMPSON DECIDES TO GOOGLE HERSELF and finds something shocking in the backyard of her house. ;-)

Another fun Simpson video:

  • After this video ends, choose the fourth video from the left: “World of Warcraft in the Simpsons”.
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I am… Yoda!

30 Jul 2007 (Mon)


You are Yoda

Wise and all knowing you are…yes.
Tall, dark, and handsome?
Not so much I’d say.


Which Star Wars character are you?

Click here to take the Star Wars Personality Test (Update: Link does not seem to be there anymore.)

Photo credit: CC license by Orange Beard (metrojp).

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A Video Reply to Geek Goddess’ Lament

13 Apr 2007 (Fri)

HERE’S A FUNNY VIDEO REPLY to the excellent point that Estee (Geek Goddess) has been making while giving feedback on Nexus 2007 in her blog and later on the Nexus wiki: “Very disappointing at Nexus today. Lo and behold, as always at events of such nature, girls are totally under represented! I wish I could see more girls, afterall, technology is what really makes the world continue to spin on its axis (in my opinion)… Get rid of the stigma that geeky is synonymous to an unwanted nerdy old maid… Also noticed even as panelists, women very under-represented, save for Stomp and Cnet Asia.”


Video: Open Source Feminism | Music: Something Dark | Inspiration: Angela Byron’s “Women In Floss” presentation and Beth Kanter’s Penguin Day reference

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Shutdown Day, 24th March!

17 Mar 2007 (Sat)

Tony Targonski has just highlighted a new worldwide social experiment on the Internet: An open appeal to all to shutdown their computers for 24 hours on 24th March (Sat), the day of Nexus 2007!! The online challenge: “Can you survive for 24 hours without your computer?”

Here’s a humorous video made in support of Shutdown Day 2007, to show that “You don’t have to turn your computer on to have fun with it”:

The rationale is great, but the day is a problem! So unfortunately, for all attendees and organizers of Nexus 2007 in Singapore, the answer would have to be a resounding “No!”

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