SOCIAL Media – some people just don’t get it! Grrrr….

14 Aug 2009 (Fri)

“The more valuable your comments, the more it reflects on your ability and your character.” — Chris Brogan

THE WORD “SOCIAL” in social media says it all. When one participates in SOCIAL media, you’re supposed to be “social” — be sociable or at the very least, ”human”. Being human means having a face, a proper name (or nickname), and not a generic product/service name.

I’m continually amazed by the number of comments posted here that have silly inhuman usernames such as “car dvds”, “security”, “printing”, “jokes”, “teacher”, “attorney”, “liability law”, etc. Many of these commenters also write very inane stuff such as, “nice article thank you for sharing” – which can be posted on any blog and basically says nothing. Haha, very smart and very stupid at the same time. Because this means that you are making zero or even negative impact here, on the blog owner as well as on the other blog visitors. Your so-called “social interaction” or “social presence” neither appeals to the mind nor the heart.

So, HELLO! Please get real and be human here. Otherwise, SHHHHOOOOOO! Go away and good riddance! Inhuman interactions are not welcome here.

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Posted by J.K. in Business, Problems, Technology | View Comments |

  • chillycraps

    oopz, “chillycraps” doesn’t really sound human :P

    It’s like in forum, where people just spam or “cheat post” to gain level points or something like that.

  • J.K.

    Chilly, you sound pretty human, alright. :-) chillycraps is a nickname and not the generic name of a product or service.

    How to explain this? I get at least 20 such comments on my blog over a week. The commenters invariably have websites with similar names, e.g. username is “Car DVD” and” website is “” (not the actually URL, just an example). The comments are often quite inane. It’s quite obvious that the commenter merely wants to post a comment that will link to his/her site and s/he probably assumed that the product/service name will make people want to know more and click through.

    Imagine seeing my blog overrun with comments whose authors are “car dvd”, “law liability”, “jokes”, etc. Sheesssh!

    So, off they go into my trash bin!

  • chillycraps

    and that’s what i like about comments moderation :P

  • imergent123

    Found the information worthy as I had no idea of posting a comment on the blog,.I keep seeing articles like these.

  • Adam

    I couldn’t agree more. I get these all the time on my blog, normally with a link to some suspect site.

    All in some attempt for more link backs. Half the time I wouldn’t mind linking back if they had something decent to say.

  • J

    I don’t think Techcrazies really understood the point of your post…lol. Even though I do promote a website, I don’t believe in mindless spamming. I read through posts, and only comment on the ones I like. And I make sure my comment is useful to the conversation, and the owner of that particular blog.

  • agi

    That’s the problem with how google works, it uses backlinks for PR. So ppl tend to try and abuse this.

    However at least we are a long way from the days of FFA pages etc that used to muddy the net.

  • Tony

    Just curious to see how many comments you have had to delete due to spam. I am sure you have had a few attempts coming through trying to sell Viagra or some other male enhancement drug!

  • michael

    Hi,Social media post is really nice.It’s quite obvious that the commenter merely wants to post a comment that will link to his/her site and s/he probably assumed that the product/service name will make people want to know more and click through.Thanks.

  • Magnus Lundin

    Hey J.K – Let me challenge you on your words!

    This is a certainly human posting, and what I think you have missed out on massivly is the combined impact of Social Media combined with SEO.

    A public, social media (such as your blog) is, and I’m guessing, getting about 75-85% of it’s traffic from the search-engines. Without that traffic your blog would obviously loose alot of it’s readers – Not because of your content, but because of your SERP positioning.

    Posting comments (like mine), even though it “makes zero” is actually social media at it’s core. It’s about sharing, it’s about sharing linklove and it’s about giving traffic to other bloggers who can increase the social media sphere even more. Your links empowers the SERP positions for other people.

    Think about it! Really looking forward your response.

    Magnus Lundin // Sweden

  • J.K.

    I’m not sure I understand your challenge, Magnus. The point that I was making in this post is that in the use of social media, there’s a need to spend building relationships and posting meaningful comments. This has nothing to do with SEO or traffic.

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