Top 10 Enterprise Web Products of 2008

20 Jan 2009 (Tue)

ACCORDING TO READWRITEWEB.COM (RWW), the top 10 profitable (or very close to profitability today) enterprise Web products for 2008 are:

  1. Amazon Web Services (AWS): Amazon, which began as a bookseller, has generated such enthusiasm and loyalty in the developer community. Platforms will do well in 2009, though not many will. The platforms market is a race for scale, requiring massively deep pockets.
  2. Basecamp: 37Signals, maker of project collaboration app Basecamp, is the favorite start-up of a lot of people (even its competitors). Their “less is more” elegance has become the mantra of developers everywhere. The one issue? It keeps its products separate. You have to choose which one to use.
  3. Confluence (Atlassian): RWW expects to see major wiki adoption in the enterprise. Atlassian (and MindTouch below) seems a safe bet for enterprise, having traction and a good breadth of products.
  4. DimDim: In a recession, companies travel less, so they use web conferencing more. DimDim’s proposition is incredibly simple: web conferencing for less cost. The one issue? It is still a bit raw, and the company will need deep pockets to satisfy an expected growing demand.
  5. Google Apps: The move from PC-based office software to web-based “office tools” accelerated in 2008 and became increasingly mainstream. The one issue? Google’s flagship Gmail is still in beta and suffers from reliability issues, and some modules (such as for spreadsheet) still seem a bit raw compared to those of competitors.
  6. Wordpress: RWW expects a big market in the replacement of first-generation content management systems (CMS), with simpler SaaS tools that have blogging at their core. CMS 2.0 will integrate what are currently stand-alone features: social networking, video, and so on. Automattic’s Wordpress is growing in reputation as the platform that delivers this the best, especially in terms of the quality of its continuous innovation.
  7. LinkedIn: A controversial pick. RWW sees this as the “contact networking” space, which will be part of next generation CRM. LinkedIn tackled two of the biggest issues for enterprise: acquiring customers and hiring employees. It has a huge networks-effect advantage over its competitors. It could easily create an “internal enterprise LinkedIn.” RWW deliberately avoided the “social networking” label because “Enterprises don’t care about being social: they care about managing contacts to make money.”
  8. MindTouch Deki: The other winner in the crowded wiki ++ space. MindTouch and SocialText are banging heads (a close fight). RWW added “++” to “wiki” because the leading vendors are rapidly incorporating micro-blogging, social networking, forums, and other collaboration tools. Integration is key, so RWW sees this market moving towards suites, but with wiki at the core.
  9. (Salesforce): This company defined the SaaS/CRM cloud space with brilliant marketing and relentless focus on making its partner eco-system succeed. The one big issue? Its core CRM market is being undermined by two serious low-cost competors: SugarCRM and Zoho CRM.
  10. Zoho: At the beginning of the year, the web office market looked crowded. It now has Zoho (David) vs. Google (Goliath), with Microsoft, as always, not to be counted out. In fact, Zoho has yet another Goliath on its hands because it also competes with Salesforce in the CRM space, which points to its one big issue: it is spread very thin, and some of its products show it from their lack of depth.
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