7 Things to Turn Off in Facebook

24 Jan 2009 (Sat)

DO YOU KNOW THAT the default friend feed settings on Facebook is “full on stalker mode”? Are you sick of receiving invitations, gifts, pokes, etc. from other people (especially complete strangers)? See Happy Slip’s Facebook Fever parody below:

Do you know that you can turn some (if not all) the notifications off? And that you can also change your privacy settings?

THERE ARE SEVEN THINGS that users like you and I can turn off (or on again) in Facebook:

  1. Privacy > Profile: Control who can see your profile and personal information.
  2. Privacy > Search: Control who can search for you, and how you can be contacted.
  3. Privacy > News Feed and Wall: Control what stories about you get published to your profile and to your friends’ News Feeds.
  4. Privacy > Block People: Block specific people (e.g. stalkers) from being able to find you ina Facebook search, see your profile, or interact with you through Facebook channels.
  5. Privacy > General Settings for Applications: Control what information is available to applications you use on Facebook.
  6. Wall Settings for an Application (e.g. Groups): Allow or disallow an app to publish stories automatically on your wall.
  7. Profile Settings for an Application (e.g. Groups): Allow only certain people to view specific groups you join on your profile.

Which ones do you turn on/off? What do you think are the pros and cons of turning on/off these settings?

(See also: Mari Smith’s “10 Ways to Stay Safe on Facebook“.)

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  • http://www.ultimatepython.com/ owain

    Don’t get me started on this. Haha. If I get another “super special friend” app invitation I will scream. Haha. Some people spend too much time on facebook.

  • http://www.thelocalmagician.com/ Rachel

    We should only allow specific people to enter into our facebook account because it should be maintained confidential. Keep the data and passwords confidential.

  • http://teendepressionsite.info/ Lorraine Anderson

    Thanks for sharing this. I’m going to set up a FaceBook account real soon so this is going to help a lot. All the best.

  • http://www.NETCoachAsia.com J.K.

    Good luck, Lorraine. :)

    Owain and Rachel, agree with you. I also think that balance is important. If you turn off too many things on your FB account, why on earth are you in FB in the first place? If you are too open, you run the risks of identity theft, being spammed, etc.

  • http://www.mogo-media.com/ Jerry

    great post, i think those are great things to turn off in facebook, it is really a problem when i’m flooded with notifications everyday.

  • http://www.lendingstream.co.uk Steve

    I’m getting so many gifts in a day from unknown persons thorough facebook .. now i can follow these things to get rid of this.. thanks!!

  • http://www.christopherhopper.com Christopher Hopper

    Does anyone know how to turn off the “private messages” or “direct messages” feature? I get FAR too many. Thanks! ch:

  • http://www.todayloan.co.uk Frank Polenose

    Great advice – I can stop “receiving hugs” and being “spanked” now. Winner! :-)

  • eric

    how do you turn the comment notification off in facebook

  • http://www.NETCoachAsia.com J.K.

    Hi, Eric. I don’t think you can turn off the comment notification in Facebook.

    However, from my observations notifications are sent to you and me only for up to 7 or so comments. After that, the notifications stop… that is until you start adding a comment and then the cycle starts again.

  • Dean

    how do I termina my account on face book. face book page .
    thanks for your time

  • http://www.netcoachasia.com JK

    HOW TO DELETE (short version)

    Go here:

    Click “Submit” and follow the instructions.

    Read below – click (read more) – for important information! (Please, don’t skip this.) <– Link is on http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=16929680703

  • Leandro

    thanks for this! and how do you disable the “news feed”, i want to only can access the “live feed”

    thank you!

  • http://tracesofevil.blogspot.com/ Keir

    I’m fed up getting “suggestions” from Facebook itself. With all the serious issues it has with stalkers and privacy concerns, one would have hoped it would have limited the number of intrusive applications to only those users actively allow. It’s especially a problem as a teacher….

  • http://www.krasts-r.lv oskars

    And that was the reason why I didnt like facebook, but thanks for the tip, now I know what to do.

  • http://filipina-dating.com/ Filipina

    Funny but so so true.

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