Generation “We” for Singapore Malays

29 Nov 2008 (Sat)

ARE YOU MALAY, a Millennial (born between 1978 and 2000), and a New Media expert, entrepreneur, innovator, researcher, practitioner or student? Why not join this new media group for Singapore Malays set up by Hazman Aziz?

The group exists as a platform for discussion, advocacy and action to uplift, improve, and perhaps solve Singapore Malay issues using New Media.

For more details on Millennials (a.k.a Generation “We”), check out this thought-provoking American video:

It’s interesting to see how problems (in this case, various crises in the USA such as the 9/11 incident, Hurricane Katrina and the recent subprime financial crisis) can be effective triggers for deeper learning and a firmer resolve to unite and to collaborate among the young. It would be even more interesting to see if a Generation “We” New Media group could be set up across race and religions in Asia, and NOT just for Malays in Singapore. Hey, Hazman, would you be game to do this?

An extract from Sarah Burris’ blog:

GenWe was Greenberg’s project to help the Millennial Generation empower itself against much scrutiny. The book also makes the case that Millennials are:

  • Dedicated to improving the common good over individual gain, a sentiment that crosses all racial, ideological and partisan lines.
  • Reject fundamental principles of modern conservatism – primary focus on individual rights and trickle down economics.
  • Welcome innovation and are eager to establish a new paradigm.
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Posted by J.K. in Asia, Design, Possibilities, Problems, Psychology, Singapore, Social Media | View Comments |

  • Hazman Aziz

    Thank you, Joo Khim, for sharing out.

    The actually url address to join in the Focus Group is in Facebook, New Media Focus Group: Melayu 2.0. Here is the note address that I have shared within Facebook community.

    "The New Media Focus Group – Melayu 2.0, is an initiative of participants of the first 2 dialogue sessions with Malay MPs, organised by Mendaki Volunteer Resources Dept, to touch base with Malays involved in New Media.

    This is a ground-up initiative. YOU decide where this is heading. YOU set the agenda. YOU are part of the movement. YOU own the movement. YOUR voice matters. YOUR action counts.

    This initiative has yet to formalise any solid objectives, and we need YOUR feedback on what should be the objectives of THIS generation to tackle various Malay issues covering a wide spectrum of concerns, like improving the educational progress of the Malays, improving the financial state of Malay families, curbing teenage pregnancies and divorces etc etc.

    We have a couple of threads going on in the Facebook Group, and we need to gather YOUR feedback on them so that Melayu 2.0 has quantifiable objectives to meet, and so that we can truly achieve perpetual, sustainable progress of our community.

    This initiative is driven, not by elite Malays. But by normal Malays that has achieved a lot, or will one day achieve something great. People like YOU."

    For a "across race and religions in Asia, and NOT just for Malays in Singapore", I am in the middle of pondering. But I really need help and support as this is a massive project if I were to push out. I am actually thinking of introducing "Generation We", but focus on ASEAN youth only, smaller scale as this might even benefit the youth of ASEAN to upgrade and stay aware of their knowledge management using New Media.

    If you know any bloggers, who are interested in collaborating this project, please drop me and email.

  • J.K.

    Hi, Hazman.

    I think what you are doing is truly commendable. Hence I blogged about this. :-)

    And yes, to initiate a GenWe project “across race and religions in Asia, and NOT just for Malays in Singapore” is a massive one. Do keep thinking about it, and please do not restrict it just to youths. At least let the young at heart like me join. ;-)

  • Hazman Aziz

    Hi Joo Khim,

    No worries about that.

    There is always a facilitator or adviser’s role need in such project.

    Even me, my youth days are drying out fast.

    Hazman Aziz
    NTU Business Library

  • Stevie Teever

    Great Blog with very good posts .Can you please tell me that how much time you take to create this wonderful blog,although i am new on internet but your work is very good and i appreciate your work.I also want to make an blog,hope you help me.
    stevie teever

  • Mario Rossi

    Hi there, I have been following generation We and I must say I tend to agree with your interesting post

  • Melayu Boleh

    Yes i think We better. How about Melayu Boleh or Malays can do it. how do you think about thats?

  • melayu boleh

    good effort hazman aziz..

  • Hazman Aziz

    The real initiative is not started by me, by Hazrul and his team. I am just a knowledge contributor to the initiative.

    It is called Generasi Me (Melayu 2.0).

    Details can be found on the website:

    Me in project it stands for a short form for Melayu and other more. Before, the journey start into We, we have to start into oneself first. Like “courtesy begins with me.”

    Follow at or email the team at

  • Melayu Boleh

    Hazman Aziz,
    do you have a plan on making Generation “We” for Malaysian?

  • Hazman Aziz


    I am afraid nope.

  • Patrick Queed

    Thank you for such an interesting, detailed and informative post. Rarely now meet these blogs.

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