Technorati’s State of the Blogosphere 2008

15 Oct 2008 (Wed)

MAJORITY OF CORPORATE and professional bloggers have seen a positive impact as a result of their blog, according to Technorati’s latest State of the Blogosphere report published on Sept 22. Half are better known in their industry, and one in four have used their blog as a resume enhancement. Fewer than one in ten have seen a negative impact from blogging and one in three have yet to see an impact.

Impact of Blogging on Professional Life
Technorati\'s Chart on Impact of Blogging on Professional Life

MORE KEY FINDINGS: The average annual blogger revenue is more than $6,000. However, this is skewed by the top 1% of bloggers who earn $200k+. Among active bloggers surveyed, the average income was $75,000 for those who had 100,000 or more unique visitors per month (some of whom had more than one million visitors each month). The median annual income for this group is significantly lower — $22,000.

Bloggers with advertising invest an average of $1,800 annually in their blogs. U.S. bloggers earn an average of $5,000, though bloggers in Asia earn 50% more on average and European bloggers earn an average of 75% more than U.S. bloggers. Again, high revenue bloggers skew the mean revenue. The median revenue for U.S. bloggers is $200 annually (and the median annual investment is only $50).

Blogging has also brought many unique opportunities to these bloggers that otherwise would not have been available. One in four have been invited to participate in an event as a result of their blog, one in five have contributed to a print publication as a result of their blog, and almost as many have found themselves on TV and/or on the radio.

Have you been invited to any of the following as a result of your blog?
Technorati\'s chart for \

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  • steve jenings

    Great graph, technorati is definnatly the blog lead in stats.

  • Alice Spencer

    Unfortunately no to all your above questions.

  • Mark Nagurski

    What struck me about the report was how much time the top bloggers were dedicating to their blogs and how many posts they were producing.

    I think the top rung we’re doing something like 300+ posts per month – obviously with quite a lot of people involved and full-time as well.

    For smaller but still successful blogs the average seemed to be about once a day – it’s certainly something that takes quite a bit of commitment.

    Of course, done well and over time the benefits are obvious but it’s no quick fix – hence the huge number of ‘dead blogs’ littering the blogosphere

  • J.K.

    Great comment, Mark. I agree with you absolutely. And I like the content and design of your blog. :-)

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