The biggest ethical issues in Social Media today

1 Aug 2008 (Fri)

SOCIAL MEDIA CLUB posted a great recap on the feedback it received via its blog and Twitter account. Among the ethical issues in Social Media raised were:

  • Privacy & Reputation: The digital reputation of people, especially those who have not opted in to that discussion (or “Conversation”). (Vijay Goel, M.D.)
  • Truth & honesty: Firms who misrepresent themselves online, pretending to be a “user” (1) Gaming the SEO system to gain rank, (2) underhanded manipulation of product reviews and comments, (3) the accumulation of friends (and social groups) with the intention of monetizing them OR for promotion of business, political or personal agenda. (Albert Maruggi, SeLiNa and wayzgoose)
  • Truth & honesty: Blurring of lines between “edit” and “advertising. (tmarklein)
  • Security: Identity theft. (LewisG)
  • Safety: Protecting children who widely use social media in ways many parents don’t know how to protect. (runnerkik)
  • Spammers! (NancyMarmolejo)

Chris Heuer asked a good question: “How do we give bad actors in the ecosystem (exploitative, manipulative, dishonest, rude, etc…) a bad reputation that is more visible for others to know who to take seriously and who to ignore?”

Still, how indeed? Could such a penalty system (if developed and available) backfire and end up penalising the powerless and inept instead?

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  • Santro

    Nice post ! Social media is very good and beneficial if it is used in a proper way. But it missused and so unethical.

  • Sourav

    Its true.
    Social media is getting filled by rubbish profiles and vulgar people these days

  • Graphic Design

    Yes these days most profiles are fake and most people come to find dating partners.A true business need and professionalism is absent.

  • Pool Routes

    Yes social media sites should be strict on this type pf fake and vulgar profiles.

  • Paul

    Social media can be easily abused and there isnt too much that can be done to crack down on it.

  • silena220

    Yes especially the privacy becomes a common problem for Social Media today. But there’re still some media insist in using legal ones. Such as Eonon GPS, uses the legal edition map from PolNav Company. Very great!

  • Magnus Lundin

    I think the most bulletpoint demands higher responsibility among the individuals – Which is great.

    You should be able today to decide wether you would like to consume a certain product regardless if it’s an ad or an editorial!

    Magnus // Sweden

  • Eric Goldstein

    I agree that social media has opened
    us up for more exposure. People just
    have to be careful what and where they

    Thanks for sharing…

  • eonon

    Social media can be easily abused and there isnt too much that can be done to crack down on it.

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