If you are 12-17 years old…

19 May 2008 (Mon)

Teen holding notebook PC - Photo (CC) by Joshua DavisYOU’RE PROBABLY LEADING Singapore’s transition to a fully wired and mobile nation… if you are a teenager. According to a survey by PEW Internet & American Life Project in 2005 (the numbers must be significantly higher today):

  • 87% (21 million) of U.S. teens aged 12-17 use the internet (online teens), up from 73% (17 m ) in 2000. By contrast, 66% of adults use the internet, up from 56% in 2000.
  • 45% of U.S. teens have cell phones and 33% are texting.

Of the 21 million online teens:

  • 89% send or read email.
  • 84% get information on movies, TV shows, music groups, or sports stars
  • 81% play games online (52% growth since 2000), compared to 32% adults.
  • 76% seek information on current events (38% growth since 2000), similar to adults.
  • 75% send or receive instant messages (IM), compared to 42% adults. Of these, half use IM daily and have included a link to an interesting article or site in an IM; 45% have sent photos or documents; and 31% have sent music or video files.
  • 57% seek information on schools they might attend, compared to 45% adults.
  • 55% seek information on politics and the presidential campaign.
  • 51% go online every day, up from 42% in 2000.
  • Half lives in a home with a broadband connection.
  • 43% have purchased online (71% growth since 2000), compared to 67% adults.
  • 31% seek health information (47% growth since 2000).
  • 30% seek job information, compared to 44% adults.
  • 26% seek religious or spiritual information.
  • Older girls are power communicators and information seekers.
  • Asked about communication modes, teens consistently choose instant messaging (IM) over email and viewed email as medium for talking to “old people,” institutions, or sending complex instructions to large groups. However, 51% usually choose the landline telephone when they want to talk with friends.
  • Face-to-face time still beats phone and screen time.

(Photo: CC Joshua Davis.)

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