Truth not found in TV broadcast?

13 Apr 2008 (Sun)

“Study history, not the media. The truth is not to be found in a television broadcast.” – Chris D. Nebe, director-producer-screenwriter of the “Mysterious China” documentary series which showcases the epic cultural heritage of China

FRANKLY, I DON’T KNOW what to make out of the Tibetan protests. I’ve not spent significant time researching on the issues involved. However, from what I know and remember of Chinese history, I feel quite strongly that Chris Nebe (as a foreigner with insider knowledge and experience of China) is speaking the truth about Tibet in the video here:

Nebe’s post in YouTube:
The West is trying to demonize China. Why? To ensure an upper-handed position economically, politically, and socially.

Too many harbor strong opinions about Tibet, yet know nothing more than the few slogans offered by the mass-media outlets.

The media screams:
“They killed innocent monks!” – but those “innocent” monks and other young hooligans killed innocent Chinese before a single shot was fired on them.
“The Chinese are oppressive” – do you consider freeing over 95% of Tibetans from slavery, building a state of the art infrastructure, and a new economy oppressive?
“The Chinese suppress Tibetan Buddhism” – then why have the Chinese spent a fortune restoring ancient monasteries and places of religious significance?

China doesn’t SPIN NEWS like we do. Their silence is too often mistaken as admission of guilt. Don’t be another uninformed drone. Do everyone a favor and learn truths before forming opinions.

Here’s to Peace & Harmony! The 2008 Beijing Olympics deserve support!

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Posted by J.K. in China, Possibilities, Problems, Video | View Comments |

  • tao xiao

    wrong!the saying is seriously wrong!nowadays the TV plays a great role in finding out the truth, I would prefer to believe it rather than books.

  • Justin low

    I disagree on you this time. Television nowadays is the best source on information. I prefer getting information and facts on watching news and documentaries….TV is very helpful for updating you in the world.

  • B.BarNavi

    “China doesn’t SPIN NEWS like we do.”

    You have GOT to be joking.

    Nothing but a bought and paid for CCP propaganda vid.

  • J.K.

    BarNavi, Nebe has produced a documentary and cited facts and figures. Do you have facts to support your claim?

    Otherwise, this would merely be an attack on the person or the source (Ad hominem fallacy).

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