Uzyn, the next “Kevin Rose”?

24 Mar 2008 (Mon)

WILL PING.SG FOUNDER Uzyn Chua become the next “Kevin Rose” ( founder) in Asia?

When I gave a talk on Web 2.0 & Its Business Impacts at COM1, NUS last month, I cited various real-life examples of how the blogosphere “chatter” could affect a company’s corporate image positively or negatively. Also discussed briefly the people (how they get younger and younger!) and the milestones behind successful Web 2.0 apps such as Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, etc. This slideshow provides a quick overview, featuring famous Web entrepreneurs such as Jimmy Wales (Wikipedia), Kevin Rose (Digg), Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook)… and celebrity Uzyn Chua (slide 19) ;-) :


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Posted by J.K. in Business, Singapore, Social Media, Visual, Writing | View Comments |

  • J.K.

    This is just a little experiment to find out whether a post with similar content but different title (i.e., mentioning the name of founder Uzyn Chua) would get many more readers from members and visitors. ;-)

    Uzyn, btw, is featured on slide 19 while Kevin Rose is on slide 13.

  • Kor Shu Yen

    It is still a long way before Uzyn becomes Singapore’s Kevin Rose equivalent. While his efforts are recognized, note that’s typical contents are mainly sex-related blog entries compared to genuinely interesting stuff from While the congregation hyper-local content is great, certain topics are often repeated to the point of saturation, and that is on top of certain users plagiarizing contents from digg. That I feel is hardly beneficial for

  • malique

    why not? Uzyn could be sg’s kevin rose. he created a site that is user driven. all he needs now is to start podcasting. Think rev3/diggnation/totally rad show.

  • Hanne Sena

    cool ’slideshow’. ermm, at 18/22, it is really you, look like liewcf.

  • offpoint

    Since it’s a community based voting, and that’s what most of the community decide to highlight, we can’t fault Uzyn for what and how his users are gaming his system.

    The newer features have helped users that are interested to improve the quality of the site to perform actions to help (like poof etc).

    Perhaps more can be done… but do keep up the great work.

  • uzyn

    Thanks for the mention. I’m really flattered to be compared with those people. I’m still really far behind them, but I will try to keep up.


  • nerdie

    how do you keep up if you’re really far behind them?

  • J.K.

    Nerdie, et al.

    Singapore has a population of only 4m while the US has a population of over 300m. PLUS: Web 2.0 activities in Singapore only started very recently. So from what I can see, proportionately, what Uzyn has achieved is no mean feat.

    By the way, perhaps’s “next stop” could be to get onto the Alexa Top 100 list for Singaporeans.

    Also by the way, here are some statistics from’s Advertise page:

    • Total average number of posts pinged per day: 300
    • Total average number of pongs per day: 2800
    • Current Alexa Rank around 40000
    • Current Google PageRank 5
    • 100,000+ unique visitors per month
    • 1,000,000+ unique pageviews per month
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