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9 Aug 2007 (Thu)

TEDFOX AND COBALT PALADIN SUGGESTED that we try using instead of So, I decided to try looking for “Rochester Park” on AND and found that:

  • I cannot simply enter “Rochester Park”. I must enter a block number. So, I plucked a number from the air: “9″.
  • After x seconds of inactivity, would show a timeout message and then a timeout screen (!) as follows:
    Timeout screen on
  • As TedFox noted, “[ does] not provide any bus/mrt directions (which can be taken from the sbs website though)”. It also does not provide other useful information such as “Satellite Image”, “What’s nearby”, “Analyse Loc”, “Related Editorials” at the top of the page:
    Related info on
  • Nor does it provide this useful titbit of information at the bottom of the page:

    “ Rochester Park is located in Dover, Singapore. The Dover district is a small one filled with schools and tertiary institutions. Private schools such as Anglo Chinese School (Independent), or ACSI, and Anglo Chinese Junior College are located here, as well as public schools such as Fairfield Methodist Secondary School. Many locals study in ITE Dover to obtain technical certificates or go for a diploma education at Singapore Polytechnic. Many expatriates sent their children to United World College Southeast Asia (UWCSEA), one of Singapore’s international schools. These expatriates also enjoy going for a drink at Rochester Park, a popular cluster of restaurants and wine bars in Dover.”

  • Finally, the location map itself look like this on
    “9, Rochester Park” and surroundings on the location map on looks like this:
    “Rochester Park” and surroundings on

Disclaimer: I have no vested interest in either or Neither am I aware of having any friend (or foe) in these two organizations.

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Posted by J.K. in Copyright, Design, Possibilities, Problems, Singapore | View Comments |

  • TedFox

    And will probably never improve, since there’s no commercial vested interest in improving it. Unfortunate.

    Thus like I said, I hope streetdirectory can work something out fast.

  • Cobalt Paladin

    Alternatively, use :)

  • J.K.

    … and let a foreign company (and site) steal the “eyeballs” of Singaporeans? What a masterful stroke of genius, that c… o…!

    Anyway, while Google Maps do have better features and related info, I think they are still not as good as

    Couldn’t some negotiations be reached, e.g. could pay SLA some royalties for using (and improving on ) SLA’s maps, couldn’t it?

  • Cobalt Paladin

    Well, will the new entrepreneur who will be developing a new singapore map portal please stand-up?

    New opportunity awaits! :)

  • mapuser

    left or right, whoever comes out with a new map directory must talk to SLA first and pay money for the use of their copyrighted maps. The question is why wait till becomes so big and then SLA sued. You mean SLA has no legal consultants, meh. Maps are sensitive stuff, right? SLA has bigger things in mind.

  • a mapuser too

    the target usage for and are different, hence the 2 applications serve different purposes. If you look closer at, the information is more for users who needs information on the land enquired. On the other hand, is more for general public users who enquires about a certain place, just like how it is used as the hardcopy version.

  • simon

    i use streetdirectory with no issues so far

  • J.K.

    Thanks to a friend of a friend who forwarded this very useful street finder and related information and instructions:

    Now you need not buy expensive GPS Navigational Devices, and you need not have to buy Street Directories to plot your drive in Singapore.

    Go to this website :

    Type in the address of where you wish to drive “From”.
    Type in the address of where you wish to drive “To”.
    Click “Get Directions”.
    And presto!

    On the right, you have a map in colour with your start point flagged Green
    and your destination flagged Red.

    On the left, you have a detailed route instructions with exact distances and
    approximate driving time.

    Just like your own GPS.

    Print it out and give thanks to Google.

  • J.K.

    Thanks to a heads-up from Singeo, those looking for bus services can check them up at a a map on the site.

    Another pingster (sorry, forgotten who) suggested using the SBSTransit site.

    See also

  • geocoder

    This is really sad and depressing. Other websites are not as good. Google maps is using outdated and unhelpful maps. You can’t search by postal code too. Skypigeon is for pigeons. Compared to streetdirectory, SLA site is giving out maps that has little useful info. This is not happening man!

  • limcc

    very disappointed with look like a POS to me! if I need to enter blk or house number, the site should rename to address locater, not map. so much for a gov site. and we thought virtual map was a big bully when they sue some of the user.

  • limcc

    btw, just found this site minutes ago:
    good enough for me finding my way to destination. but for some reason, the start up page is stuck at woodland to suntec…

  • Anonymous

    today tried to search a place from and i was totally disappointed compared to using streetdirectory.

  • King James

    i just realised streeetdirectory is down. aw man. been using it for ages. i tried, it sucks big time.

    and i agree with skypigeons, its meant for pigeons.

    as for shownearby, its using google maps, but hey, they got quite a complete set of data. i’m impressed! i hope they dun start charging people now that they are the only alternative out there.

    also, driving directions works fine for me on their site. so here’s a kudos to a local site (i hope its developed locally too!): *hip hip, hooray!*

  • louis

    I like this comment, as I have the same BIG QUESTION in my mind, ” The question is why wait till becomes so big and then SLA sued.”
    Of course there’s always be answers (EXCUSES). But whatever the answer, the way things goin, show me that I did not see any good intention from SLA to serve the public.

  • Audrey

    To King James,
    yes IS developed locally! It’s still in beta version but there’ll be more features up in the future.
    Did you notice that there’s social networking features too?
    People can sign up and create events, write reviews and stuff..
    interesting! :)

  • Ian R.

    As SBS also links to to get their maps, nothing works there either!

  • Faith

    Hi you can try as an alternative online street directory. Comes with some cool features like ERP and busstop info too….

    Website is

  • Ashley Scott

    I think this is a good site, off course as any other one it can improve the services and it composition itself.

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