Twitter, Jaiku or Pownce?

19 Jul 2007 (Thu)

“NOT ANOTHER TWITTER CLONE!” was my response when I heard of Jaiku and more recently Pownce. Thanks to Google search, I managed to find the results of a Jaiku, Pownce or Twitter poll and read a really useful review on all three by Grace at the bottom of all the comments:

I’ve had a twitter and a pownce. I tried both for a good amount of time, especially since I have friends on both, but none on jaiku. However, I ditched them both for jaiku in the end, regardless.

Twitter’s good points:

  • it was first, thus more popular
  • streamlined

Pownce’s good points:

  • ability to share actual files
  • attractive templates
  • comments on posts

Jaiku’s good points:

  • ability to stream other feeds
  • their “badges”
  • comments on posts

I’ve found that twitter and jaiku are actually on the same level when it comes to server hiccups. I was turned off by pownce’s apparent lack of a separate method of displaying my posts. Jaiku’s feature of streaming my other feeds eventually won the war in my eyes.

Since the poll results shows that Jaiku leads with 48% (or 193) of the votes, I decided to ignore Pownce and checked out Jaiku instead. Added my twitter and ClappingTrees blog feeds to it. Looking good. I’d probably choose Jaiku too. If I do, I may need to start using Twitterfeed so that I only need post in Jaiku once and that “jaiku” would turn into a “twitter” and then a “tumblr”. What’s your take on this?

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  • Geoff Livingston

    I wouldn’t take that poll too seriously. A Jaiku corporate staffer sent its legions into the poll and hijacked the results.


  • J.K.

    Thank you, Geoff, for pointing this out. What’s your preference?

    By the way, interesting to see that your readers think that the poll was fair. You wrote, “The poll was reopened due to overwhelming comments that it was fair. I disagree, but I just work here.” ;-)

  • Geoff Livingston

    My readers really weren’t my readers as you can see later in the stream. You’ll see when I post the maps that most Jaikuers are in Europe, which is not my natural readership. Regardless of whether it was perceived to be fair or not the results severely outskew actual usage of the networks.

    Personally, I like Pownce the best, and Twitter’s pretty good. I’ve not really given Jaiku a fair shake, but was very unimpressed when I first logged in a few mos ago. I think all three have +/- , which you noted very well.

  • Bryan @ One Mans Goal

    I’m a big fan of Pownce myself…

  • J.K.

    Bryan, what do you like most about Pownce vs. the other two?

  • Crissy

    Well, I’ve never even heard of Jaiku.. guess I should check that one out. Not that I ever use my Twitter or Pownce, though.

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