Scam? Ewen Chia, Adam Wong, Both or Neither?

14 Jun 2007 (Thu)

JUST WHO’S SCAMMING? 33-year-old Ewen Chia, dubbed the #1 Affiliate Marketer at the World Internet Mega Summit last month, was featured in The Sunday Times’ Invest section (page 24) on April 29 2007: Sunday Times article on Ewen Chia

Curiously, another Internet marketer 23-year-old Adam Wong apparently listed six telltale signs on Ewen Chia’s website (in a post entitled “How to Smell a Scam” and dated August 26, 2006) as follows:

  1. Overall Bad Design
  2. Fake Clickbank Screenshots
  3. Doctored Clickbank Cheques
  4. Poor Alexa Ranking: 1,170,697
  5. Stock Photos (used to indicate the car and house that he bought with the money earned on the Internet)
  6. Teenage Web Counter
  7. No Contact Info
  8. No Opt-in box (a must for any Internet marketer)


UPON CHECKING on the Internet Archive’s WayBackMachine, however, I somehow could not find the problems mentioned above on the archived versions of The site’s Alexa ranking is currently 30,187. (Yes, we have all heard how Alexa rankings can be manipulated.) The last archived version (left) was on Jun 3, 2006. It looked almost identical to today’s version (right) — with an Opt-in box on the left column (about one post down):

Opt-in box in June 2006 version Opt-in box in June 2007 version

There were no signs of the bad Web design or the Teenage Web Counter, as illustrated on Adam Wong’s post. Neither could I find any Clickbank screenshots or photos of houses or cars. However, I’m very puzzled as to how the the June 3, 2006 archived version (left) of the “Personal Consultation” page looked almost idential like today’s version (right) of the same page, even with a date like “Thursday, June 14, 2007″!

A 2007 date in June 2006 version A July 2007 date in the June 2007 version


  • Did Ewen Chia really make millions on the Internet? Did The Sunday Times reporter verify the facts that she reported? If so, how and to what extent?
  • Was Adam Wong referring to or some other site? Was Adam Wong’s post a scam?
  • Just what has happened?

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Posted by J.K. in Business, Marketing, Singapore, Technology | Comments Off |

  • Mark

    if i’m not wrong, they know each other. And Adam’s post does not say Ewen’s a scam. So i’m kind of confused how you linked the two.

    Anyway, archive snapshots are just snapshots. The date sentence can be controlled using Javascript so the javascript in the waybackmachine is pulling yesterday’s date

  • J.K.

    I was searching for information on “Ewen Chia”. Among the suggestions given by my Google toolbar was “ewen chia scam”. I took up that suggestion and top on the list of search results is Adam Wong’s post which mentioned Ewen Chia at various points. It’s only natural to link the two.

    While Adam didn’t say outright that Ewen is a scammer, his tags (Adam Wong, Alexa Rankings, Clickbank, Ewen Chia, Rapid Swing Fire Trading, Scams, Stephen Pierce, Super Affiliate Cloning Program, Yanik Silver) are also pretty suggestive, don’t you think?

    Admittedly though, upon closer reading, Adam does seem to be suggesting that Ewen is the real deal — “one of the best marketers out there”. As for the date, yes, looks like the “Personal Consultation” page is using some script to show the date.

  • Mark

    just re-read the page with more scrutiny. Adam is using Ewen new site to show how inaccurate Alexa is. So i think its not related to scamming directly. Anyway, I think is Ewen is one of Adam’s mentors.

  • Weng

    I feel like this is one of those phony emails where they badmouth one product or a set of products, but they rarely cite their sources. (eg. lipstick with lead and shampoo with Sodium Laureate Sulfate)

  • Adam Wong

    Just to set the record straight. Ewen is the REAL deal and is a top-class marketer.

    I did not use Ewen’s website in my post at all. It was another site called SuperWebSecrets which I found really dubious.


  • Susan Letnoe

    Both are Online Marketers wanabe and tries to scam to earn some monies

  • Kenneth Conru

    I am very weary about Those so call ” internet Marketing Gurus ” Want-to-be , as a matter of fact i bought a few of their ebooks , i don;t want to mention names but those ebooks are nothing more than CRAPS !! frankly speaking all this information can be found from googling it , it a more the factly COMMON SENSE and the time to search for the relevant info ! As for whether this 2 individuals all i can say EWEN CHIA STYLE SUCKS !!! he donlt bother to reply EMAILS of my FRIEND who made the pruchase ! SO POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE !!! ! and the other is a young chap bascially marketing himself for the future to come , he is quite cocky and boostful in himself from his article , but his iformation frankly speaking drive some sense ! just hope this young chap to be less boostful and he will definitely make some success !

  • Kok Choon

    m..sometime just not scam, its’ just untold secret you have to dig. Do you think the Chinese “Art of War” is scam if you don’t know how to interprete ? It was a must study course even in modern military world..why people still lose war studying them?

    Its’ just the mindset.

  • marshall

    I am quite interested in his Autopilot Profits system, any tried it does it work?

  • Nicholas Mancini

    The Supper Affiliate Cloning Program (SACP) that Ewen Chia sold and made over 1.2 million was definitely a big time scam at $1500 / sucker.

    A 2 kg, 3 ring binder filled with public domain info for the most part, crappy software so called Ewen Chia proprietary. And a 7 week (once a week) teleseminar in Chinese –English. No support after and no opportunity to cancel and receive a refund. He may have the #1 Affiliate marketer but he is also one of the biggest crooks there are out there targeting the newbies especially with so called “free” everything while psychologically pulling you into buying and separating your from your hard earned cash. Personally I lost the $1,500 and learned more from a $19 e-book (Honest Riches by Holly Mann) A truly honest entrepreneur out there to help the “little guy” and showed me the path to success with niche marketing. Ewen Chia is not what he used to be. Money took his soul ans is out there only for one purpose. to part you from your cash. period.

  • mbm

    Ewen Chia’s target audience is NEWBIES. His techniques are all basic info which can be easily found online if you bother to search. Sadly, most people are just too lazy and want to be spoonfed.

    I haven’t bought any of his products because of online reviews I’ve read but I’m on his email list.

    In one email, he tried to do a podcast and OMG it’s the most hilarious thing I’ve ever heard. His poor pronounciation, droning voice and same old sales pitch…man, he should stick to his sales pages.

  • http://none ken risner

    i really hope that some day that the sammers get what is coming to them for taking advantage of down and out people. obviously people like this have no soul or conscience.

  • http://None Jerry Dodson

    It seems that EVERY single opportunity on the web is a scam, or almost a scam. Is there a site where you can get real info on how actually work to try and cash in on web opportunities? I hear that sales are increasing exploding. I’m just looking for some guidance to get started. Any thoughts?

  • David

    All this crap comes down to one simple fact..

    If these people really knew how to make millions on the internet then they wouldn’t be putting all the time and effort into selling an Ebook that reveals how to do it.

    1. Everyone else would start doing what he does and he would lose money

    2. It would be much wiser to spend his time investing into property or starting a real business

    Thats exactly why i wouldn’t buy it

  • Jo

    Unfortunately this Ewen Chia targets the newbies who cannot spot the marketing sheme and least of all cannot afford afford to lose their investment.

  • marie

    i ordered both the autopilot profits and newbie cash machine- NEVER RECEIVED ANY OF THEM! ALSO GETTING IN TOUCH WITH HIM IS VERY HARD-

  • Tessie Setiabudi

    Hi friends,

    I know what it feels like to be scammed. It happened to me few times. Now, I learned to have criteria, do my research and listen to “live” testimony before selecting any guru.

    I am a newbie in an internet marketing and I attended Ewen’s class last year and used his products.

    When I did exactly what he taught every step of the way, I made more than 1K in the first month and gradually increases every month.

    I found Ewen to be a genuine, sincere & humble person. He is a true guru who has both the brain and the heart.


  • aqcmme

    Hi All,
    I came across this post and decided to share my 2 cents worth. I have been scammed before by Rip2It, Now- that is a real scammer!! The program promises content rich websites but the websites came up with NO contents. Keep out!

    As for Ewen Chia, he is very real, a great mentor to us newbies and extremely giving. I took his course and while i have not been religious in doing my sites homework, I am getting some results.

  • zach

    To the post made by ‘David’
    The only way to make money online is by selling a product!
    So in reality that’s all you ahve to do. The hard part is trying to firgure out how to do this.
    That’s how they make their millions. Most peple just think websites are too hard, oh well i only wasted 50 dollars.
    And that’s it.
    It’s not always the ‘guru’s’ fault.
    Anyone can make as much money as they desire online by just spending a few hundred dollars on some great e-books.
    And if you don’t have 500 dollars to put towards this.
    Than put it in your bank account and wait till you have 500 to spare.
    The problem is the poor think you press a button and you make money.
    I used to think that, now I make 10000 a month. Not because I’m a genius but because I use logic.

  • Cancunchino

    I am a newbie, so much that I went out to buy this nice Dell Inspiron just for the purpose of implementing and on line business. Yes, my first day I paid $67 for Free Google Clicks or something like that, then just bombarded by followups. But what I could understand at the time was first find a product in high demand and not banned, or if banned, a way around it. And that you can make money with affiliate ads from other businesses..that should pay for my purchase. Then if you read everybodys promotion, you can put the puzzle together by aggregating everybodys comments. Nice kid by name of Shawn who sells Ewen Chia advised to build a name list on squeeze page..offer a “secret” free. Article in forbes told me about a service called constant response and this will triple your conversion by building a “relation.” Ezine tells how to write quality articles to drive traffic. Have several websites in high demand which drives traffic back and forth between relevent websites and affilates. Try, got that I think from the kid Shawn. Can anyone add to this so we can all benefit?

  • Cancunchino

    So, they say when you do this yourself, the learning curve is steep, but you learn a lot on your own. Add to the previous post. I was attracted by ads how you will have your website up and running by the next morning. Remember those. I looked at CrawlDog, CoffeeCup and finally Blue Voda. I couldnt get any to work, until I called in a student, Ernesto, in computers where I bought my computer. To find out you have to know some HTML and with Blue Vodas’ tutorials it was a snap, he said.. , but he still had to refer to a handbook. Before you do anything. First you must get a URL or domain name, a host, and a search engine which come together if you wish. This will cost about $100, negligible investment. If you have adult content or pharmacy then to find a host, a search engine and a merchant bank who will accept this. And then the expense of pay per clicks which could bankrupt you in one day if no sales. If you have a product which is “socially unacceptable” Merchant banks in England charge 10 to 15% plus a cancellation retainer which they hold for 6 months. Hey, Dimwit! Shucks just go to your local bank and they offer the merchant service for 2.5% and a small setup fee and it is all virtual online and Verisign. but again no adult, pharmacy, tobacco, gambling sin industry content. Why? kids are grabbing their parents credit card and lavishing themselves with all this sin, and the parents of course cancel. This is known as “high risk.” There are ways around all of this, I have discovered..BUT YOU WILL HAVE TO BUY IT when I get around sharing that on my Website. Yes, I am now infected by the greed “virus.” It has been a month and the learning curve is starting to flatten out. I am retired 71 yrs old, I have nothing else to do now but make money. Clay

  • Ewen Chia Scammer

    Ewen Chia make his fortune selling dreams to newbies on how to make money online. His product are reharshed fluff sold mainly on Clickbank, and people who buys them are just too stupid to realise they are scammed.

  • Ewen Chia Scammer

    People who says ewen chia is the real deal, or guru, straight away is BS alert. They are the ewen chias wannabe, selling you dreams on “make money online”, they are either his affiliates targeting the newbies, or just paid by him to save his dying reputation. Go read, many scams about him for reports

  • Phil Miranda

    Phil Miranda here… Ewen Chia being trashed by Adam Wong….I have not heard of these claims. Am I missing something?

  • Arthur Williams

    How can you say that a program which has full refund is a scam. If it’s that bad, just claim your refund. It’s trough Clickbank, so it’s perfectly safe.

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