Influential Japanese Love Twitter

1 Jun 2007 (Fri)

ACCORDING TO TWEETVOLUME, recently announced by Biz Stone, many Japanese seem to love Twitter:

The word “Japan” appears over 7000 times on Twitter, far more than many other countries.

A Japanese IT journalist confirms this in an online article in April, Twitter booms in Japan / Twitter from Skype. Nobi has been seeing more and more early adopters getting on board with Twitter. He wrote:

“I also started to see the third wave of Japanese early adopters have started using Twitter around yesterday. Seeing Orkut, Gree and mixi case, this could be the most critical group of all. Both Orkut and Gree captured some people of this group but they couldn’t keep momentum among them. This group of people are knows computers and Internet but they are not necessarily following latest trends in web technologies and services.

This is a very colorful group and includes several big and significant clusters. One big cluster is Mac-fanatics in Japan. their occupations, generations and taste varies widely but they are very well connected through some extremely popular Mac web sites. They also tend to have closer relation with media, famous people, etc. thus are somewhat influential.”

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Posted by J.K. in Japan, News | View Comments |

  • Leon Stafford


    I’m a Mixi user in Japan and am yet to start using twitter.

    I’ve just put up a page with English translations of Mixi core pages to help non-Japanese sign-up and see what Mixi is all about.

    Now, time to check twitter!

  • StockTube

    sorry but what’s the benefit of twitter?

  • J.K.

    Hi, Leon. What specifically do you like about Mixi?

    Hi, StockTube. Check out Wikipedia’s entry on Twitter and one of my posts, “More Good Ways to Use Twitter”.

  • Leon Stafford


    Best thing about Mixi is the atmosphere I think, tends to be much more friendly than MySpace.

    It’s easy to integrate your own blog feed into Mixi and it’s Japanese… for some that won’t matter, but for anyone who wants to extend their friendship circle or already has contacts in Japan it can be quite fun.


    Ye, I can’t seem to convince myself to sign-up to twitter or any of its clones yet… the reason I feel I should is from listening to tech podcasters who say they use it, but I think Leo Laporte said he officially left Twitter because it was annoying… don’t quote me on that though ;)

  • J.K.

    Hey, the “Leo Laporte” on Twitter is a fake! O_O

    Interesting! I won’t say that I love Twitter. But I like the fact that it’s so simple to use and followers can choose receive messages via the Web, IM or sms.

    By the way, Mixi is not without its problems too, right? According to Wikipedia, there is such a thing as “Mixi tsukare”, a psychological state of a Japanese youth experiencing a sense of tiring from using Mixi and voicing a desire to discontinue using Mixi and finally deciding to terminate the Mixi account. ;-)

    Also, btw, while many people rave about Second Life, apparently many Japanese don’t like it. In the “7 reasons why SL is ‘not’ popular in Japan” post, Preetam Rai cited:

    1. Setting up is troublesome
    2. Need higher spec computer to play
    3. Not easy to control
    4. Don’t know what to do
    5. Need money to play
    6. Full of advertisements
    7. Popular spots are all “sex” or “gambling”


  • Leon Stafford

    I was probably wrong abuot Leo Laporte, but I hear people who get started and maybe don’t know how to turn off notifications get flooded with them…

    OK, I’ll but the bullet (here goes a few more hours a day!)

    Any recommendations for Twitter clients on the Mac?

    Oh, I don’t know about the Mixi tukare thing… then again I’m 25 so probably way out of touch with the youth of anywhere until my baby girl grows another 15 years or so….

    I know you can use Mixi on your Japanese cell phone like my wife does and can imagine how people get tired from it, but the way Japanese teens are glued to their phones, if they’re not tired from Mixi, they’ll be furiously typing at something else anyway :D

  • J.K.

    I don’t use a Mac. So, have no recommendations. Actually, there’s no need to try Twitter when you’re happy with Mixi. Sounds like they have similar features. At least, both can be used on the cell phone.

  • Veron

    According to the recent Sunday Times feature on Twitter (in which I was quoted), Singapore is the second fastest growing market for its services, after Japan.

    We may not outnumber the US users, but our numbers are growing!

  • J.K.

    Wow! You use Twitter at least 10 times a day. Good for you. :-) With the right group of friends, Twitter can be really handy.

    My closer friends are from an older generation. To ask them to go on Twitter could be almost unthinkable. Believe it or not, I’m the only one from my circle(s) of old friends that’s blogging actively! :-p

  • Okinawa

    How do you get on Mixi?

  • David Hurley

    Thanks for the tip about Mac fanatics and Twitter. I’m on a Mac now, here in Hiroshima and my Mrs is a Mac fanatic while I’m just getting keen on Twitter!

    I like the way it is so easy to switch into Japanese mode – actually, I’m leaving my Twitters settings permanently on Japanese since you can still send English Twitters, no problemo!

    Follow me and I’ll reciprocate!


  • John

    I think mobile texting is easier for Japanese…because one Kanji charater can mean an entire sentence, whereas english you have to type everything out. Oh, and everyone has mobile devices out here, even little kids.

  • njorada

    it it because of the ease to use

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