Stop Linking to Me, D-Listers

27 May 2007 (Sun)

MAYBE I SHOULD BE REJOICING, but I’m not. I’m in fact rather dismayed that a number of Internet marketers have been compiling and re-compiling lists of blogs that apparently use DoFollow and therefore have been linking to my blog just because I had announced earlier that I used the DoFollow plugin. As a result, my Technorati Authority has been rising somewhat and the funny thing is: I’m not pleased at all.

Technorati Authority of

For the information of those who are compiling or reading these D-Lists: I’m currently using the LinkLove plugin and have set “$allpassion_comment_count” to a value of “10″. Yes, “10″. Therefore, you need to post a minimum of 10 moderated (read “meaningful”) comments before there’ll be a link to your blog.

Thank you truly for your links. I mean this — it does feel good to see the Authority number rising. However, I also feel phoney to see the same number rising. Therefore, I very much prefer that you link to my blog or posts because you like or appreciate something I write here and NOT because of a plugin I use or that you think you can get a link in return. Much thanks in advance. :-)

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Baidu & Its Competitors in China

9 May 2007 (Wed)

Baidu logoRECENTLY, CHINESE BLOGGER KESO published an interesting series of articles discussing (百度) and four of its competitors: Google China, Sina, Tencent QQ, & Alibaba. This has made me very curious: What’s so great about Baidu?

According to a New York Times report in September 2006 (quoting Bloomberg stats), Baidu is the leading Chinese language site, with a market share of around 57 percent for search engines and around 50 percent for advertising revenue. Google, the closest second, only has around 33 percent market share for search engines and 16 percent for advertising revenue. Baidu is reportedly very strong in Chinese MP3 music content and the first to offer WAP and PDA-based mobile search in China.

Going by Alexa’s Traffic Rankings, Baidu is within the Top 10 worldwide and Number 1 in China. The other top 9 sites in China are (details extracted and summarized from Wikipedia):

  1. Tencent QQ 腾讯网: The most popular free instant messaging software in Asia, and the world’s third most popular IM service. Over 160 million QQ users in China alone. Offers many subfeatures including games, pets, ringtone downloads, etc.
  2. 新浪新闻中心: The largest Chinese-language infotainment web portal, with over 30 channels covering various aspects, including news, sports, technology, finance, advertising, entertainment, fashion, travel and more.
  3. 搜狐: Offers advertising, a search engine, and other services.
  4. NetEase 网易新闻: Search engine technology and massively multiplayer online gaming.
  5. 淘宝网: A consumer-to-consumer trade site for Chinese customers. The main competitor to eBay in China for online auctions. Currently captures over 65% of the e-auction market. Part of the Alibaba 阿里巴巴 e-commerce conglomerate.
  6. Yahoo! China 雅虎中国: News, information, email, and a search engine
  7. Google China 谷歌中国: Enables users to search the Web, Usenet, and images. Features include PageRank, caching and translation of results, and an option to find similar pages.
  8. TOM Online: A mobile Internet company, offering a variety of online and mobile services, including wireless internet and online advertising.
  9. Microsoft Network (MSN): Dialup access and content provider.

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Live Coverage of Flea Mart On

3 May 2007 (Thu) logoA WEBCAM WILL BE TRANSMITTING LIVE happenings of an upcoming flea mart at Far East Plaza from 11am to 8pm this coming Sunday (6 May), according to organizer APLink.

“Visitors to the website will be able to see what is going on at the fair and chat online with the stall holders and visitors to the fair… At scheduled intervals, the emcee for the BuyButtonz event will also be delivering reports live from the fair. Interviews with BuyButtonz CEO, and the various stall holders at the fair will also be webcasted.”

This integration is believed to be the first to connect the traditional fair format with the online world via video streaming. Usually, live events are covered by local radio and TV stations. Read the rest of this entry »

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Did you know? (教育的未來)

3 May 2007 (Thu)

AFTER WATCHING THIS VIDEO, I’m glad to be Chinese and bilingual. (看了这影片,我庆幸自己是双语皆通的华人。)

Chinese version (中文版):
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