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17 Apr 2007 (Tue)

A QUICK REVIEW of the Top 20 posts in and this year seems to reveal a lot about the things/subjects that occupy the minds/hearts of the readers in these two communities. (Tags appended in the lists below are mine.)


Logo of Ping.sgAs of today,the Top 20 (most read) posts in (2007) are:

  1. Exclusive: $99 Internet Marketing giveway including Robert Allen book (1097 pongs) <- money
  2. – Exclusive iPhone images (504 pongs) <- gadgets
  3. Mighty N80 (430 pongs) <- gadgets
  4. Make $2,000 a WEEK or your money back! (402 pongs) <- money
  5. FHM Girls Next Door – No Bras Day (394 pongs) <- sex appeal
  6. Why 90% of Internet Marketers fail (313 pongs) <- money
  7. Miss Singapore Universe 2007 (308 pongs) <- sex appeal
  8. Leah Dizon (299 pongs) <- sex appeal
  9. BAK2u in Top 10 Life-Hacking Business Ideas in 2006! (268 pongs) <- money
  10. Is This the End of (244 pongs) <- money? curiosity?
  11. Misa Campo (232 pongs) <- sex appeal
  12. Video Clip: interview (14 Feb 2007) (231 pongs) <- money
  13. Jfoll – hot girl in bikini (213 pongs) <- sex appeal
  14. Ewen Chia’s crazy profitable blogging offer (204 pongs) <- money
  15. Minister Pay Hike (198 pongs) <- ministers, salary hike
  16. Admiralty MRT Suicide Video (188 pongs) <- community
  17. Maria Ozawa (188 pongs) <- sex appeal
  18. My first $908.69 Clickbank check! (184 pongs) <- money
  19. 1st Meet-Up (Please RSVP) (180 pongs) <- community
  20. Britney Spears Bikini Striptease (178 pongs) <- sex appeal


Logo of Tomorrow.sgON THE OTHER HAND, the Top 20 posts in (2007) are:

  1. Singapore ministers set for million-dollar pay hike (1559 reads) <- ministers, salary hike
  2. 我的朋友 My Friends Kawanku (894 reads) <- community, rant, video
  3. Distasteful 98.7 FM Shock Jocks* (838 reads) <- community, sex, video
  4. Airport Thugs (822 reads) <- civil service, rant
  5. Organ Robbery, the truth (727 reads) <- hota, police, abuse
  6. You spin me right round, baby…right a record…round round round round… (679 reads) <- media, propaganda
  7. NMP Siew’s speech on ministerial salaries (647 reads) <- ministers, salary hike
  8. Singapore in the Top 100 April Fool’s Day Hoaxes of All Time (436 reads) <- community, humor
  9. (376 reads) <- money, airfare
  10. Insight to NTU’s Allocation System for Students Attachment (323 reads) <- institution, policy, rant
  11. Fiscal finagling in Singapore (315 reads) <- ministers, salary hike
  12. Short & Sweet 2007 Tracie Pang, KK Seet, Tan Kheng Hua, Lim Kay Tong, Samantha Scott-Blackhall, Loretta Chan (304 reads) <- theatre
  13. If All People were of the Same Race, Would there be Discrimination? (298 reads) <- community, what if
  14. STFU (289 reads) <- ministers, salary hike
  15. MICA bans film on former political detainee (288 reads) <- government, film censorship
  16. Europe MPs ‘gagged’ by Singapore (286 reads) <- government, speech censorship
  17. The MPAA’s Singapore lie (269 reads) <- media, propaganda
  18. Meet Singapore’s F1 representative who will be racing in Europe (257 reads) <- car racing
  19. Latest Internet Surveillance System reborn in Singapore (245 reads) <- politics, privacy
  20. Yahoo Answer! teaches Singapore how to reserve tables (219 reads) <- Yahoo, answer, humor, video


Note: Finding the Top 20 posts for 2007 in took some effort because:

  • “Distasteful 98.7 FM Shock Jocks” above is the only 2007 top post displayed under the Popular section on the main page.
  • One 2006 post (”SEX Party” with 48879 reads) and five 2005 posts (namely, “Sarong Party Girl Un-saronged”, “Singapore Sex Scene”, “Legs Wide Open”, “Taking upskirt photos – and tio caught!”, “The Bloggers.SG T-Shirt Design Competition”) are still displayed under the Popular section on the main page.
  • It’s very curious though how three posts with low reads (and not any of the above 19 top posts) are displayed under the Popular section on the main page: namely, “To Join or Not to Join” [the civil service] (172 reads), “bad feng shui in farrer court” (108 reads), and “Lift-Upgrading Projects in progress are dangerous” (73 reads).

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Posted by J.K. in *Insights, *Roundups, Psychology, Singapore, Social Media, Web Traffic | View Comments |

  • uzyn

    The top posts from doesn’t really reflect fully what the community likes. Even though naturally sex-related posts would appeal to majority of the users, but some of the money-related posts don’t really come from within the community, or even from within Singapore.

    Due to the incentives that a blogger gets from promoting links, some of the money-related internet marketing bloggers are posting the links onto forums or even as permalinks on their blogs to boost their pongs.

    Something would have to be done soon to reflect on local interests more. I would do something about it in May.

  • DK’s read count is based on number of people who go into the posting itself. It does not count the number of people who read the entry from the main page. It also doesn’t count the number of people who click the link hyperlink.

  • Miss Loi


    Once you’ve successfully sifted out the money-related blogs, I think we’ll be left with just the sex blogs … hehehe

  • Veron

    Am I the only one who’s firmly against sex-oriented or Internet marketing blogs? Sex-oriented blogs do not reflect well on, I’ve been saying this from day one. And most Internet marketing blogs do not add anything to the community. Just my two cents.

  • J.K.

    Veron, I agree with you. By the way, check out the Ideas page on and you’ll see:

    (1) Your idea is currently the most supported with 9 votes and 7 comments.
    (2) My suggestion, “Add Thumbs Up and Thumbs Dn buttons for readers to “digg” or “bury” a Ping.” Vote for that and then we can collectively “bury” sex-related and Internet Marketing posts.

    DK, Uzyn, thanks for the clarifications.

    Miss Loi, so it looks like. :-p

  • Paddy Tan

    In I tend to avoid those title with ’sex related’ titles cos most of the time in the title is just meant to draw crowd but the content it in is just .. plain.

  • LcF

    sex does sales. I also just took a look at top posts few days ago. Seems like the SEX is the most attractive topic.

  • LcF-2

    Am I the only one who’s firmly against sex-oriented or Internet marketing blogs? Sex-oriented blogs do not reflect well on, I’ve been saying this from day one. And most Internet marketing blogs do not add anything to the community. Just my two cents. :)

  • corporate singapore is so industrial…zzz

    will the hot topics be on the recession and job losses soon?

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