Top Blogs in China, Malaysia & Philippines

12 Apr 2007 (Thu)

WHICH ARE THE TOP BLOGS IN ASIA? How does one measure the success of a blog?

In China, Ya.IYee came up with a list of “Top 40 Chinese blogs” based on stats given by RSS reader Zhuaxia抓虾 (apparently most popular in mainland China right now, with around 30% or 60,000+ users).

In Malaysia (thanks, LiewCF), Gaman compiled a list of “50 Most Influential Blogs in Malaysia” based solely on Technorati rankings while Blog Webmaster Malaysia Alang created a list of “Strongest blogs in Malaysia” based on Page Strength, a combination of different factors, including Google PageRank, Technorati, Alexa, etc.

In the Philippines, a few dozen companies pooled resources to sponsor and to present “The 2007 Philippine Blog Awards” in 12 categories recently (end march) — based on the evaluation of 14 judges. I couldn’t help but wonder though: Who in turn has/have evaluated the competence and objectivity of these 14 judges?

Which evaluation criterion (or ranking) is most reliable (or not reliable) to you? Why or why not?

Afternote 14-04-2007:, listed on Technorati’s Top 10 for Malaysia, is not among “the strongest of strongest blogs.” Somehow, Page Strength shows no result for his Alexa Rank and listing in DMOZ.

Afternote 13-04-2007: JUST FOUND this very interesting set of PinoyBlogosphere (”Pinoy” is equivalent to “Filipino”, I presume) sites:

  • PinoyBlogosphere.Net allows you to submit a blog entry that will be reviewed by all readers and will be promoted (based on popularity) to the main page.
  • PinoyBlogosphere.Org is a forum about pinoy blogging by pinoy bloggers for pinoy bloggers.
  • PBS Ranking – ranks registered pinoy blogs according to average page views per week. Blog readers are also able to rate and give reviews on their favorite pinoy blogs.
  • PBS Pinoy Videos is a collection of various pinoy videos uploaded by none other than by fellow pinoys.
  • LiNK eXchange – using both manual and auto-links. Just enter Name/BlogTitle and URL or send requests via email.

By the way, in Malaysia, there are also several similar networks:

Also by the way, in Singapore, for those who might not know this, there are:

  • — Articles are submitted by the community and approved by a panel of editors.
  • — All bloggers who ping this site have their posts displayed automatically for public reading.

Related Info:

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  • TedFox

    Page strength look good to me. Technorati and alexa are gamed and fixed too frequently these days.

    How about getting a list of blog… and surveying people on the streets to see whether they have heard of it before.

  • LcF

    thanks for the plug. correction: the “strongest blogs in malaysia” is based on Page Strength, NOT PageRank.

    Page Strength should be good, but sometimes it is not pulling data correctly, as you read on my blog post.

  • J.K.

    Sorry for the mistake. I had assumed that Page Strength = Page Rank. Could you help me understand the difference?

  • LcF

    Page Rank is from Google. Page Strength is a combination of different factors (including Page Rank, Technorati, Alexa, etc)

  • J.K.

    Tedfox, surveying people on the streets could be more reliable AND resource-chewing at the same time. This could also be unreliable if some (or many) of these people on the streets do not even know what a blog is like or seldom read blogs. Those who know are already glued to their PCs, blogging away perhaps! ;-)

  • Weng

    Good compilation you have here.

    Most of the judges in The 2007 Philippine Blog Awards are pro-bloggers such as Abraham Olandres and Jayvee Fernandez. The others are not so familiar to me. They do have links to their profiles on the page.

    Probably its for those participating to judge if the judges are worthy.

  • J.K.

    Thanks for this new piece of info, Weng. Interesting: “Probably its for those participating to judge if the judges are worthy.” :-D

  • tutubi

    pinoy is a colloquial word for Filipino :)

    that Philippine blog awards’ judges came from different industries but most of them are just pioneer bloggers (who’re the organizers themselves)

    I can’t comment on their competencies though

  • Singapore Entrepreneur

    What about Singapore blogs?

  • Lyndsay

    Thanks for those infos…it’s very helpful! :D

  • Giles Dawe

    This is a very useful post and the links still work now. I’ve made an update to Sabahan’s 2007 Influential Malaysian blog post at:

  • the haven seminyak

    yup, what about Singapore blog, do have the list

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