Over 50% Internet users to be Asians soon?

10 Apr 2007 (Tue)

AS OF 10 MARCH 2007, although Asian Internet penetration is only 10.7% of total Asian population (compared to 25% for the rest of the world), Asian Internet users already comprises 35.8% of world internet population, according to Internet World Stats (based on data compiled from World Gazetteer, Nielsen/NetRatings, ITU, and other local sources). Extrapolating this with the Asian growth rate of 248.8% over a 7-year period: Would over 50% of world internet population be Asian soon (say, in one or two years’ time)?

World Internet Usage & Population Statistics
  Population (Estimated)
Population % of the World
Internet Users
% Population (Penetration)
Usage % of the World
Usage Growth 2000-2007
35.8 %
248.8 %
Rest of the world
64.2 %
190.1 %
World Total
100.0 %
208.7 %

ACCORDING TO THE READ/WRITE WEB (RWW), also quoting World Internet Stats in World Internet Penetration Now 16% – Asia Growing Fast!:

Extrapolating the second piece of information with the Chinese language growth rate of 346.7 % over a 5-year period: Would over 30% of world internet users be reading and/or writing in Chinese soon (say, in one or two years’ time)?

What would these extrapolations mean for you and me?

Note: RWW’s observations were made in September 2006, but they still hold true with the latest data compiled at the same site. The extrapolations here are based on intuitive projections, and not Mathematical calculations.

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  • http://buildingtheergonomicguitar.com Robert Irizarry

    Very interesting article and something I’ve been giving some thought to lately. There is a huge world outside of English language blogging that bloggers are missing. For example, the April 2007 State of the Blogosphere report from Technorati indicates that Japanese accounted for the largest number of blog posts in Q4 2006. Of course, one of the challenges in penetrating those potential markets is the language itself. While translation software and sites help, they generally do a poor job of dealing with many of the nuances of language.

  • http://www.NETCoachAsia.com J.K.

    Good points, Rob. Maybe it’s time for the English-speaking world to start learning Japanese, Chinese, etc. As you’ve noted, there are many nuances within a language, even stories behind various words, phrases, proverbs, sayings, etc. The best way to really understand another person and his perspective is perhaps to understand and even speak his language — even if it’s only a few words here and there.

  • http://www.NETCoachAsia.com J.K.

    MORE STATS ON ASIAN BLOGGERS, this time compiled from several sources by London journalist Ian Delaney on TwoPointTouch:

    • 46% of the online population in Asia have a blog (compared to just 8% of US web users).
    • Almost half of all Asian bloggers (56%) are under 25, while 35% are 25 to 34 years old, and 9% are 35 years old and over. 74% of bloggers in Malaysia are under 25. Compare this to the US, where there is a much wider age spread: 46% of bloggers in the US are aged 30 or over.
    • On average, women make up 55% of Asian bloggers. Females make up 64% of Malaysian bloggers compared to 46% in the US.
    • More than 40% of Asian bloggers have less than 10 visitors per week.
    • 74% of those in the survey find blogs by friends and family to be most interesting.
    • About 50% believe blog content to be as trustworthy as traditional media. (Compare to 24% in Europe)
    • 56% of those polled said they blogged in order to have an opinion space for themselves.


    • Korea skews the average figures given above upwards: Around 90% of Koreans in their 20s have a Cyworld blog, and that there are perhaps 11.9mn bloggers across the entire population (48.3mn). And the subject matter covers all walks of life.
    • India skiews the 55% average downwards with only 24% female bloggers. Around half of Indian bloggers found business blogs most interesting, compared to a quarter in the other areas polled.
  • http://mimpikami.com/internet-marketing/ poer

    now since isp in indonesia cut down their rate more than 50% of the previous rate, internet user in indonesia keep growing fast :D

  • http://www.comparecreditcardsaustralia.com.au/index.php?order=Gold Rick card

    So the stats are coming up for Asians to dominate the Internet world. It’s just simply means that more and more people are staying connected all around the world through the internet. Thanks for this article.

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