Japanese Loves to Read Blogs?

23 Apr 2007 (Mon)

JAPANESE ARE READING BLOGS more than Americans, Koreans, British, and French, according to survey results announced by Japan’s premier international PR consultancy Edelman and reported in the Blog Herald in late March. The poll conducted by StrategyOne over 1,000 Japanese, with accompanying studies conducted in different countries, showed that:

  • In an average week, 74% of Japanese Internet users read blogs at least once a week, compared to South Korea (43%), the UK (23%), France (22%) and the USA (27%).
  • Respondents claim to have taken part in at least three (3) of the activities listed ‘Influencers’, fewer of this group (29%) were likely to do so as a result of reading a blog in Japan, compared to similar groups in other countries with 4 in 10 (41%) of Influencers interviewed in South Korea, UK (48%) and the US (49%), taking action after reading a blog.
  • Less than 1 in 5 (18%) of Japanese have taken some sort of public affairs action as a result of reading a blog. 18% have signed a petition (18%), 9% by attending a public meeting.

Robert Pickard, President of Edelman, North Asia says, “However, our recent Edelman Trust Barometer research shows that Japanese are more likely than people in other countries to punish companies they don’t trust by taking personal actions against them, so it’s just a matter of time for this tendency – amplified by blogs – to assert itself in the marketplace and at election time.”

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Posted by J.K. in Japan, Social Media | View Comments |

  • http://coolinsights.blogspot.com Walter

    Interesting statistics there which was supported by what Scoble and Israel wrote in their book “Naked Conversations”. I suppose it could be a cultural behaviour that made otherwise meek and mild Japanese a terror online? Then again, we do know that most Japanese are very heavily plugged into the mobile web and reading blogs could be an extension of this behaviour.

  • http://www.liewcf.com LcF

    Since Japan is the country with most bloggers in the World, I am not surprise they like to read blogs. :)

  • http://www.NETCoachAsia.com J.K.

    Liew, a little curious. Is Japan the country with the most bloggers in the world? Shouldn’t it be the Chinese or Americans? Or even the Koreans?

    See stats in another post on Asian Internet users and a later comment and/or Internet World Stats.

  • http://www.WengOnline.com Weng

    JK, since many US sites (effectively blogging tools) are blocked, it might have translated to a slower adoption of the technology. On the other hand, more people should, ideally, produce more bloggers.

    In one of my blogging communities, Filipinos are in the top 4 registered users. Then again, I wouldn’t know if those are active users.

  • http://www.NETCoachAsia.com J.K.

    Weng, not sure what you mean. Many US sites are blocked by who and where?

  • http://www.WengOnline.com Weng

    It was in reference to having more Japanese bloggers than Chinese. Am I right to assume that the majority of the US sites or at least those dedicated for news and broadcasting are block by China’s great firewall?

  • http://www.NETCoachAsia.com J.K.

    How would the number of US sites blocked by China affect the overall number of Japanese bloggers? These stats on Japanese bloggers do not come from China.

  • http://www.WengOnline.com Weng

    The blocked sites do not have an effect on Japanese bloggers, but it does have an effect on China’s internet users. Less exposure to the medium correlates to less usage of it.

    I have only seen a few blogging sites in Chinese and have yet to explore them. In the olden days, I used to access (bulletin board systems)BBS using dial-up modems and I have heard that they used to be famous in Japan too.

  • http://writetoright.com Cade

    Those are some interesting facts. I think I am going to get that translation plugin. I have heard mixed reviews about them though.

  • http://henryleongblog.blogspot.com/ Henry Leong

    It true Japanese I think like to adopted new and better technology. When I visited Ginza, I think that their shopping centre is the most well maintained.


  • http://blograters.com Dave

    Dang maybe I really do need a translation plugin.

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