Introducing “Asia Social Media Directory”

10 Apr 2007 (Tue)

THIS MORNING, I’M LAUNCHING the Asia Social Media Directory — a strictly non-partisan and non-competitive wiki-based (and so community-managed) directory. This directory has been modeled after Rambling Librarian’s Singapore Social Media Directory AND enhanced with a Frappr map, a Recent Readers log and more concise writeups. (More interesting widgets coming up soon.)

Asia Social Media Directory is “non-competitive” in the sense that all Singaporean bloggers and social media activists are still encouraged to add relevant info on their sites on the Singapore Social Media Directory. However all, including those from Singapore, are welcome to join the Asia Social Media Directory Frappr map:

WHY AM I DOING THIS? Basically, I want to reach out to a much wider audience, especially people in Asia. Currently, about 50% of my visitors are coming from Singapore. Too few are from the rest of Asia.

Geolocations for from Jan to early April 2007

However, there is no Asian directory available on the Internet right now (at least not one that I could find on the Internet via a Google search) that is:

  • “Unconditional”: All bloggers and social media activists in Asia are most welcome to join and list their blogs and/or social media sites there without having to add a reciprocal badge/link to the directory from their sites.
  • Community-managed: Anyone can add themselves in without being screened first. (Of course, if abuse occurs then abusers will be barred.)

In addition, I also plan to read more Asian blogs and start providing insights and roundups on how free/open-source/social technologies are being used in Asian business and education. Reasons include:

  • More and more, Singapore is being used by westerners (Europeans, Americans, Canadians, etc.) as a springboard to Asia, and by easterners (Asians) as a stepping stone to the English-speaking countries.
  • Over 50% Internet users will be Asians soon

So, would Asia Social Media Directory and my finetuned focus be of interest/value to you, my readers?

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  • Ivan Chew

    Good idea to start one focusing on Asia. I wouldn’t say it’s “my directory” though. I hope it can be the “Singaporean’s directory”, heh. Well if you manage to find a better way to organise the entries (to deal with both access points by names and siubjects), I’d be happy to hear how you’ve done it. Good luck with your project, and cheers.

  • J.K.

    Thanks for the encouragement, Ivan. The SSMD was set up by you. So, for ease of reference, it’s yours.

    As for organizing the entries, you have chosen to organize the SSMD by Author Name and Group Name. Recently (can’t remember when), I’ve added an experimental page to organize them by Site title/URL. Different ways have their pros and cons. It’s still not clear to me yet which is better.

    In any case, you (and all other Singaporeans) are most welcome to join the ASMD as members and to add your avatar to the map. I would be delighted if you did.

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