Alexa Ranks Above!

3 Apr 2007 (Tue)

PING.SG’S RANKING IS ABOVE TOMORROW.SG — according to Alexa. AND is among the top 100,000 sites now! ;-)

I know that is NOT competing with And I know that Alexa statistics are based on the visits of people who have installed and are using Alexa toolbar. Still, out of curiosity (and since does not profile yet), I checked the rankings and related stats for the two sites just now and was pleasantly surprised.

Alexa ranking for

Alexa ranking for

And the Web traffic meter on Alexa (via AttentionMeter) over the past six months reads:

Alexa traffic for versus

Perhaps this is a herald of more good things to come for ;-)

Afternote 04-04-2007: More charts from Alexa

Alexa Reach for, and SgBlogs

Alexa PageViews for, and SgBlogs

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    Afternote 01-05-2007: Traffic Rank for is now: 73,025

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    Posted by J.K. in News, Singapore, Technology, Web Traffic | View Comments |

    • Paddy Tan

      Hope that the folks on the other side dont misunderstood that it is a challenge .. ultra sensitive. :)

    • J.K.

      I think Uzyn is too nice to be seen as challenging. And James Seng seems to like him well enough. He spent some time talking to Uzyn at the end of Nexus last week.

      Furthermore, this is just Alexa ranking. Need to see more stats from more sources. Plus: The hit rate or number of reads per post on right now is still much higher than the number of pongs per post on There IS a certain “economy” (or effectiveness) with limited number of approved posts versus many free-for-all posts.

      Still, I like this “free” culture at very much. Kudos, Uzyn!

    • TedFox

      Alexa’s sample size is horribly small. I had my friend install the toolbar, and my site’s ranking jumped to about 80k.

      It states that 65% of my users come from singapore, but in my google analytics, less than 10% do so. (me and my friend use the tool bar and visit the site daily, i guess this skews the stats if the sample size is small)

      plus i believe that ping sg has a lot more internet marketers who would use the alexa toolbar.

      (ps, i’m not saying ping sg is bad. in fact, i visit ping sg daily, n tomorrow once in a blue moon. but alexa’s stats arn’t really trustworthy)

    • uzyn

      TedFox has a good point.

      Another reason why I think is ranked above traffic-wise is due to the fact that there are quite a few ‘residents’ at Some of us would refresh the page all day just to see what’s new.

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