Claiming My Blog on Technorati

28 Mar 2007 (Wed)

FINALLY, I CAN CLAIM MY BLOG ON Technorati logo (after at least a few months to almost a year… I simply lost count).

Just received an email message from a support guy. He wrote:

Please accept my sincerest apologies for the delay in getting back to you. We’ve been experiencing a backlog in support and are working hard to address everyone. I’ve taken a look to see why you are unable to claim your blog “”. It seems your blog was marked for review. I’ve made a small adjustment and our spiders have revisited your blog.

Everything now appears to be working as it should. You should now be able to successfully claim your blog from:

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any other questions. We apologize for any inconvenience. Thank you for using Technorati!

So, I’m now claiming my blog using Post Claim (by adding this link): Technorati Profile

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Posted by J.K. in Technology | View Comments |

  • Robert Irizarry

    That’s great news. I’m glad that’s been resolved for you. Meanwhile, Technorati really needs to get its act together if they want to maintain their position in the Blogosphere as an authoritative source. I find them apologizing much too often for various issues that crop up in their service.

  • J.K.

    Thanks, Robert. Yes, truly glad that this is finally resolved.

    I guess it’s not easy to provide the kind of service that Technorati is giving. There are apparently over 60 million blogs in the world and Technorati is indexing 11 million now. However, the backlog could be alleviated if they do something along the line that Lucas has suggested in a blog post, Why doesn’t collaborative blog ranking exist?

  • Benjamin Koe

    When will they get round to helping me out? My blog’s unclaimable too at Technorati. JK, what did you do to convince them to help you? Need some pointers here.

  • J.K.

    I did three things:

    1. Found Technorati’s support forum, followed the instructions in the I Cannot Claim My Blog thread and submitted a support ticket in early March.
    2. Blogged about my blog claiming problem.
    3. Added a “HELP ME Claim my blog on Technorati” link on the sidebar of my blog. All visitors could see it.


    I’m not sure which one (or perhaps all three) has helped to expedite my blog claim.

    By the way, I find it quite curious. I’ve tried to search for your blog in Technorati several times. Most times, there was nothing. But once, I thought I saw quite an impressive ranking and a long listing of links.

  • Benjamin Koe

    Ya, I’ve claimed it before, but there were problems so I tried to take it off and never could re-claim it again.

    If you use you still can see the blogs that link to it, but reveals nothing. =(

    I’ve actually done all that you did. Hopefully I’ll be next in line to be fixed.

  • J.K.

    Sounds like the same problem that I had earlier. Good luck! :-)

  • Robert Irizarry

    Technorati’s inconsistency is rather disturbing. I just claimed my new blog – I’ve moved to a hosted domain and Wordpress – entirely without incident. The blog came right up. I do recall a situation where I tried to remove my first blog and reclaim it in the process ending up with even more issues. However, Technorati was able to resolve the issue in just a few days. I guess no one will ever know why they had so much trouble with ClappingTrees.

  • Sujan

    I have a similar problem. Technorati says that it cannot find my website Techno Land

    Let me try the same as u ;)

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