9 Types of Blog Posts: Which ones are yours?

30 Mar 2007 (Fri)

NINE TYPES OF BLOGGERS (slightly adapted from Collis’ 9 Essential Posts Every Blogger Should Know About, thanks, Lucas):

  1. Speedlinker: Roundups, Comments, Trackbacks, etc of interesting posts. E.g. Problogger.com
  2. Quoter: Blockquoting an interesting point of view, extract or news snippet and add a short bit of opinion and sourcing information. E.g. Susan Mernet’s “Quote of the Day”.
  3. Entertainer: Amusing video, cartoon, image or joke. E.g. CartoonStock.com, BLaugh.com
  4. Questioner: On-topic, interesting and conversation generating question. Insightful and interactive.
  5. Updater: Ongoing project statistics or status.
  6. Newsreader: Interesting news from press releases or grapevine. E.g. TechCrunch.com
  7. Recycler: Dragging out some old goodies from the archives and reposting them for your new readers. (Collis didn’t have any example here, so I’ve added one. This “recycler” is a good online friend of mine. Her blog, a model for me at one point, also contains other types of posts.)
  8. Guest-Poster: Your guest gets an extra plug, you get a day off and your readers get some variety.
  9. Announcer: Own local blog news, short and sweet. E.g. what you plan to do, a new competition, reset of top commenters.

I think I’ve done 1-4, 6 and 9. Which about you?

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Posted by J.K. in *Roundups, Design, Possibilities, Writing | View Comments |

  • http://buildingtheergonomicguitar.com Robert Irizarry

    As a guitar blogger, I’ve done a bit of 1, 2, 4, 5 and 6. My most successful posts have been of the updater type as I documented building an ergonomic guitar.

  • http://www.NETCoachAsia.com J.K.

    Interesting, Rob. I suppose the Updater type attracts more traffic because it is unique (and not one of those run-of-mill, “typing it all over again” info) and only you (or at most a select few) can provide that kind of content.

    Just curious: are you an instrument maker too? Or did you build the guitar just for yourself?

  • http://buildingtheergonomicguitar.com Rob Irizarry

    The guitar build was for my personal use and actually my first attempt at one. I was quite fortunate that it turned out as well as it did. In fact, I’ve actually been contacted by several folks asking if I would build them one as well!

    Meanwhile, I’m starting to ponder what guitar build #2 will be like.

  • http://sueblimelybt.blogspot.com/ Sue Bride

    My blogging style has changed in a relatively short space of time due to increase in confidence, feedback and a more defined purpose. I am less able to categorize my style now than a few months ago.

    I do not want to define myself as a particular type of blogger and hope that I never will; instead reacting to and learning from my reading audience, current trends and innovations.

    I would use the different blogging styles you list in various degrees but this would largely depend on the subject matter of the post itself. My aim – to be interesting to my readers – a word used in a lot of the categories you list.

    Saying this, some blogs are more suited to a particular style and still remain interesting.

    The topics above seem to largely relate to posts incorporating information from other sources, e.g. news, other blogs

    What about blogs that talks about less concrete matters – views on life in general, personal thoughts, experiences, observations etc.
    Do they not deserve a category of its own or would you consider them part of the questioner style?

  • http://www.NETCoachAsia.com J.K.

    Great points, Sue. This looks like an inspiration for yet another post on this topic. ;-)

  • http://www.duffy-mercy.com Duffy Mercy

    I usually am entertainer..i post videos pictures and other things like this

  • http://lightsandshade.blogspot.com fred

    a bit of each type. haha :)

  • http://blog.lib.umn.edu/ochsn016/career/ Academic Life

    It’s a very informative post. As a student and a blogger I guess I’m more of the entertainer and updater in writing my posts. I have another suggested type in mind. How a news maker?Guess some of the blogs are that type.

  • http://www.firehow.com Paul

    I don’t know what my blogging style is.

    Is pretty boring a style? lol

  • http://abrablog.com abrablog

    i choose for 1,2 and 4.

  • http://eononmichael.livejournal.com/ michael

    Entertainer& Questioner. I suppose.

  • http://www.vitabits.de/gesundheit-des-mannes creatin

    I like the post because this post contain different opinion regarding the blog and shows the different types.I know all the types but I have used Speed-linker,Quoter most of the time.It is great post as it creates the awareness among other regarding the types of blog and their respective uses.

  • http://www.sprike.co.uk James Birmingham

    Dont forget their is another type of blogger known as spammer, many people comment on blogs with usually just one line of text, not actually contributing anything of any value to the blog, just to get a link back to theit website. Me personally I like to leave some feedback or try to actually put some content into the blog post.

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