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27 Nov 2006 (Mon)

Moodle 1.7 is fresh off the oven External link icon (opens in new window), announced founder Martin Dougiamas on Nov 8. Of special interest to me are the big names behind the headline features:

  • Roles - Moodle has a complete new architecture for assigning people permissions. It’s very flexible, allowing you to give just a single person the right to delete posts in one particular forum… Thanks to Open University
  • XML database schema – Moodle now supports a single way of specifying database structures using XML [for easier development and wider database support]… Moodle can now run out of the box on Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle… Thanks to Microsoft
  • New admin interface – admins get… a new interface designed to make it much easier to find settings and configure Moodle properly… Thanks to Google
  • Unit testing framework – developers can now easily write unit tests that can be run as part of a system check to make sure Moodle code is performing as expected… Thanks to Open University
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    NOT English, Math or Web Studies?

    15 Nov 2006 (Wed)

    FIRST, while browsing Stephen Downes’ “OLDaily”, I found a good graphic External link icon (opens in new window) from “Creating Passionate Users”. It summed up neatly “Why does engineering, math or science education in the US suck?”
    What We Teach vs. What They Actually Need Read the rest of this entry »

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    Why the French hates Wikis

    14 Nov 2006 (Tue)

    An interesting post by EE Kim, Why the French Hates Wikis External link icon (opens in new window):

    At WikiSym last August, Ward Cunningham showed some regional trends External link icon (opens in new window) comparing Google searches for “wiki” and “blog.” Overall, searches for “blog” (in red) steadily outpace searches for “wiki” (in blue), although the rate of growth is about the same for both… the phenomenon is reversed in Germany External link icon (opens in new window)… [and] in Japan External link icon (opens in new window)… At WikiWednesday this past week, PeterThoeny said that he had shown similar trends for a recent Wiki talk, and that he also showed the trends in France External link icon (opens in new window)

    Whoa, Nellie! Apparently, the French don’t care much for Wikis. It was a shock for me to see this, as I know several stellar French members of the Wiki community and even more French-speaking members. Any thoughts as to why this might be the case?

    My guess: Japanese and Germans are on the whole very cohesive people who tend to identify closely with their communities. The French, on the other hand, are generally known to be highly individualistic. Wiki collaborations are basically “corporate” or community-based. Therefore, it’s not surprising that most French people should “hate” wikis.

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    If I were Google…

    1 Nov 2006 (Wed)

    LATEST: Google has acquired Jotspot. Gosh! What else would it buy next? Here’s my diagrammatic overview of Google’s complete offerings in the near future — extrapolations in bold, dark blue text, and assuming that all Google services will eventually be accessible from within Google Groups:

    "If I were Google..." diagram in Gliffy

    Most users will never need to leave Google. What an amazing pool of spontaneously generated data this would be for researchers!

    By the way, I created the diagram above using Gliffy, another exciting free tool on the Web. And yes, collaborative editing is possible. There’s versioning too. A word of caution though: Remember to save and exit from Gliffy often. It hung my system just now.

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