A time to Blaugh ;-)

31 Oct 2006 (Tue)

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Corporate Blogging

30 Oct 2006 (Mon)

Great summary of the case for corporate blogging, the impact of personal blogging on corporate marketing, how blog monitoring can be done, the different types of corporate blogs, and finally, how blogvertising can be done. Interspersed with a few amusing comic strips. (Note: Half the slides are in Dutch, but it shouldn’t be difficult to figure out the messages. Would be great though if there’s an English version.)

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Making Money Blogging

30 Oct 2006 (Mon)

A slide presentation by Matthew Haughey on SlideShare about three weeks ago, giving tips on how to blog well and make money at the same time. Very well designed visually — interesting graphics taking centre stage (filling up the whole slide space) while the large concise wordings are peripheral, like captions on a poster. And a clear bottom line: “Content. Is. King.”

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“All Marketers Are Liars”

28 Oct 2006 (Sat)

This is not new. Seth Godin, author of six marketing bestsellers (including “Permission Marketing” and “All Marketers are Liars: The Power of Telling Authentic Stories in a Low-Trust World”), gave a great talk at Google in February this year. I watched the video only this month. Can’t help but be impressed by his astute analysis and concrete examples, and yet disturbed by our collective shallowness. So here it is (00:48:01):

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