Flush Goes All The Work!

9 Dec 2004 (Thu)

A great comment on current “course management systems”, That Googly Feeling, from Alan Levine’s blog (2004). Thanks to my well-informed colleague P:

Flush - Microsoft Office clipart“FOR THE MOST PART, IMUO (In My Uninformed Opinion) the big monolithical enterprise solutions for elearning serve mostly to reinforce the learning via lecture paradigm (”record your lectures to stream via the internet!”) that leave the new generation…. well yawning in ennui.

“After all these years of “course management systems” (and is learning really about “managing courses”?), they still are completely structured wrong in that the main organizational scheme for them is the course (which is ephemeral) rather than the learner (who hopefully will stick around). When the course expires or is archived or deleted after the semester, there goes all the student’s work. During the brief existence of the “course” all of their work is filed away in different iron shoeboxes labeled “Chemistry” “Composition”, “Sociology” with no affordance to connect between the boxes, no integration across disciplines, no record saved of achievement and progress. The semester ends, grades transmitted to the registrar, and flusssssshhhhhhhh goes all the work that took place. “

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Attitude Is A Choice

9 Oct 2004 (Sat)

Attitude - Micrsoft Office clipart“ATTITUDE IS A CHOICE,” a classmate said last Monday evening in response to a question from Dr W. on what “attitude” is, as differentiated from “motivation”. We were having a lesson on training methods and strategies for teaching attitude.

Was quite struck by the statement. It wasn’t new. But so it is. When we write learning objectives for a desired attitude in an earlier module (”MID801 Instructional Design Models & Practices”), we had been taught to write, “The learner will choose to behave [in a certain way].” Yes, regardless of whether s/he likes or dislikes that particular behavior. And often, when someone has a bad attitude, it’s not so much that s/he does not know how or does not have enough practice, but rather s/he is not convinced by the why. Read the rest of this entry »

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Extreme Hallucinatory Daydreaming

1 Oct 2004 (Fri)

An interesting definition of Visions from Wikimedia:

Dreaming - Microsoft Office clipart“VISIONS ARE EXTREME HALLUCINATORY daydreaming, too-good-to-be-true ideals with high impact but no measurable probability — because they can’t happen. They’re fantasy. No one believes in them. Not even you. They’re fiction…

“If you have ever heard a truly compelling vision of what the world could be “if only…” from anyone else in your life, this is the place to finally write it down. Anonymity is best since you may hold back if others know your name. A good vision would contain fantasy elements from all utopias you ever believed in, and several that you laughed at, and riduculed other people for.

“If you are describing something that you consider a reasonable goal, that you believe can ever actually happen to any substantial degree, or has a measurable probability, it is a best case and not a “vision”. Be very careful with this distinction — best cases are something we allocate real w:human capital and (indirectly) w:natural resources to get done… a single good vision, however, would break us, were we even to really attempt it.” Read the rest of this entry »

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‘Web of Mass Distraction’?

12 Sep 2004 (Sun)

conference n. A prearranged meeting for consultation or exchange of information or discussion (especially one with a formal agenda).Princeton Wordnet

People at a conference - Microsoft Office clipartATTENDED A TWO-DAY CONFERENCE on educational technology (ET) at Suntec City last Thursday and Friday. So much hard work, so many speakers and so many participants from so many countries. Somehow though, it ended on a note of disillusion at the closing forum.

One participant stood up and observed, “Elearning has not yet delivered its promise of a teaching and learning utopia. Instead, what we have seems to be a Web of mass distraction.” Everyone laughed.

Another guy said, “In our search for gold, let us not be discouraged or disturbed by the dirt we find.” The chairperson quickly responded, “Ok, let us thank….” and ended the conference. Read the rest of this entry »

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